Recently a friend asked me a question that any business that begins blogging will have to answer; What should your first post be about?  That first post is terribly important, because it sets the tone for the blog, not just for the readers, but for the writers as well.

From the reader's point of view, I would want to see four areas covered in your first blog post:

1 - Who you are.  Tell me about your business, but also introduce me to the blog's writers.  Share pictures.  The more information about yourself and your business that you are willing to share, the easier it will be for me as a reader to trust you.

2 - Why you are blogging.  Possibly the most important question you can answer, because it will force you to spell out your intentions to your audience.  And as always, consider your audience when answering this question, ask yourself, 'Why would someone come to this blog, what would they be looking for?'  Hint: They won't be coming to your blog so that you can market to them.  

3 - What will you be blogging about.  Answering the above question makes this one much easier to answer.  Will you be blogging about your business, or perhaps the lifestyles of your customers?  Spell out the content on your blog so that I know what to expect when I arrive.  And remember that this will also serve as a 'bookmark' for your writers to keep them focused on what the goal of your blog is.

4 - How I can leave feedback.  Tell me how I can be involved.  Can I leave comments?  Do you encourage comments?  What if I want to email you?  Spell out exactly how I can contact you, and don't be afraid to encourage feedback, and even disagreement.  In fact this would be a good place to formally spell-out your comment policy, which again can serve as a reference tool for your writers as well.  But do everything you can to make sure that my feedback is appreciated, and encouraged.

If your first post contains these elements, I think your business blogging efforts will be off to a fine start! 

March 18, 2008

Mack Collier is a social media consultant, trainer and speaker. He has been actively immersed in social media since 2005, and in that time, has helped advise, teach and consult with businesses of all shapes and sizes on how they can better connect with their customers via these amazing tools and sites. While being passionate about the social media space, what truly excites Mack is the human connections that can result from the proper use of these social tools. His motto is "Don't focus on the tools, focus on the connections that the tools help facilitate." His goal is to help his clients create those connections with their customers, and nuture them into relationships that help grow their bottom line.

His social media 'homebase' is The Viral Garden, which in 3 years time Mack has grown into an influential marketing/social media blog with a monthly readership of over 175,000. He is also a frequent contributor to the website Marketing Profs, as well as the marketing blog Daily Fix, and small business blog Search Engine Guide. His writings have been referenced in several mainstream publications and websites, including The Washington Post,, Ad Age, CNET, and The Boston Globe.

Mack is also a requested speaker and has presented at some of the top social media conferences and events, including South By Southwest Interactive, Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer, and Small Business Marketing Unleashed. He is also passionate about teaching companies how to use social media sites and tools more effectively, and offers training and seminars privately to companies, in addition to his public speaking schedule.

You can learn more information about Mack's social media training and consulting services here. If you need a social media speaker for your event, or want to know where Mack will be speaking next, click here. If you want to email Mack, click here.

Mack wrote this bio. The third-person thingie is just for fun.


I'm wondering if there is a way to implement this type of post in a blog that has already been started. Could it be part of a redesign or a new and improved unveiling? Of course I'm asking because our blog is all ready up and running but I think it needs this can. Any suggestions?

Tara how long has your blog been up? If it's only been up a short time, you likely still have a small readership, so I could still see writing this post. And you could possibly use it as your 'About' page as well.

Thanks so much Mack, I was hoping you would say something like that. After reading your post I think this is exactly the type of thing we should do.

It could also make sense to do this each year on your blog's anniversary. You could do "meet the bloggers week" for a multi-author blog (especially since the roster could have changed over a year), or just "this is why I started blogging, and here's what's changed in the last year." I'm reminded of the tunnel-through-time anniversary picture idea, as in .

I agree with you approach to writing a first blog post, but what about commenting. When you commenting on other people's blogs or they are commenting on yours, is it appropriate to leave the URL to your website in the comment box in hopes that they will too visit your site?

Joe you should absolutely leave your URL in the comment box! If you leave a great comment, this gives the blogger and other readers a quick and easy way to check out your site. I do this all the time!

Many thanks, Mack. I am getting ready to start my blog this week and am happy to have found your post before I start!

Thank you. I am a new blogger and just launched my blog a couple of days ago. I just finished publishing my first post. Your tips are very helpful.

I like the article most of the time before doing a blog the person doing it must know all the basics on blogging before it start. I think the most important is how to get the audience attention. I hope you include it on this article but this one is also a nice too.

I agree, the first blog post should ease readers into the website. It should give them a feel for what to expect in the future and make them feel at home.

Thanks, Mark! Your article was very helpful!

Thanks, Mack!
I was looking for something like that... your article was very helpful :D

Good points. I think this works as a good recipe for an about page as well. I also think the most important thing about the first post is to write it, get going.

Hi mark..

This is mohan have written a great post....i am also a beginner and i was not knowing from where to start my you helped me in a great i will go and write my first article on my blog..thanks for your help...

and if i need any help i will cum and contact you further.. and please dont hesitate to reply me

Just used this template to create our first intro post! Thanks for this!

-Chris Bracco

Hi Mack,

Thanks for your advice - i am new to blogging so i am just researching on hoe to blog and this was a great help.

I have a strange question..

I need to set up a blogging site for the company i work for, Where and how do i set this up. And who do i blog to. Do i need contact details etc??

Thanks Laura :-)

Thanks Mack.
Nice simple rules to follow.
Helped me tremendously.

What if you never act like your previous blog stopped and just start rolling out posts and ignore your transition from one blog to another when your previous blog has a final post linking to your new blog?

Hello Mack

I will please if you can help me for my first blog post. Recently, I'm thinking which type of material it would have to share with audience. I'm also afraid will audience accept it? How does it helpful me for writing a blog.

Can anyone give me suggestions how and where to write blog for special field, for example medical devices?

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