Over the last year I have really noticed a decrease in the time it takes Google to index pages, specifically articles and blog posts.  Pages being indexed used to take days and then hours and now I am noticing minutes.  This is without being logged into my Google Account.

Earlier this year I got the chance to attend Google's Searchology where they announced the integration of Universal Search results and later that afternoon I sat at the same table as Larry Page where he elaborated that Google would eventually like to be indexing instantaneously.  Larry's vision was to index content as a user was writing his/her blog post/article.  It often feels like that's how fast Google is beginning to index content, see the examples below:

In this first example, my post on Omniture's eVar size was indexed in Google in about 20 minutes.


Below is a post on Mobile Analytics which was literally indexed in less than 10 minutes after being posted on Blogger.

google index time


This just goes to show the advantages of building a reputable, white hat website because not only is your content simply online, now within minutes your content is ready to be the answer for hundreds/thousands of people's queries.

December 10, 2007

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This is also good for websites which doesn't exists that long or do have low pagerankings.

I.E: I've posted a post on my own website which exists for one month and has pagerank 2 (just go give you an idea). My post was send to news-websites like digg.com and was indexed in 5 minutes (!) after 14 minutes the post itself had been cached too and both results ranked very high (and still are).

I have seen some posts get indexed in 15 minutes or less as well lately. I think one way to increase the chance of this happening is to use wordpress and have a large list of ping URL's in the writing options.

Yes, I agree with you as I do have experience that Google indexed my post under 30 minutes. My latest one is within 10 minutes (9 minutes to be exact). Check out my blog post review about Google Indexed Post In 10 Minutes for details.

In fact, some blog even mentioned in less than 1 minute. That is the goal I want to achieve for my blog.

Steven Wong

YES - to Larry's vision to index content as a user is writing his/her blog post/article.. Vision is good, but we still face problems to get our content fully (not partially) indexed. Interestingly, Altavista is better these days -than Google- in indexing some of my sites! YES, Google has a complex matrix and does not want to disclose its crawling secrets by instant indexing; but Google's complexity sometimes becomes ambiguity! As for blogs, they are much easier to index because of their nature. They are -mostly- organic. Other web sites seem genetically modified when compared to blogs and other -mostly- organic sites. We need a more "disclosed" system of indexing!

I have even seen within 5 minutes, google indexed the uploaded content. I have been searching how it has become so fast.

Hm, well thats nice... but my blog (its new) has been up for several days now and still doesn't show in Google... (and I do have that feature enabled).

How fast does Google index website? It took Google like week to index my website.

Maybe blog are different.

I don't know what's exactly happening. But Google not indexed my blog recent days.

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