Google's Webmaster Central team has started an excellent YouTube channel and in this week's video Matt Cutts Answers: "Will Google consider Yahoo! Directory and BOTW as source of paid links? If no, why is this different from another site that sell links.

June 23, 2009

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Maybe a dumb question, but is there somewhere I can just READ this? I dislike videos so much I will skip an interesting article if it's in video format. And it's unfortunate that Google chooses to submit all of their webmaster blog posts in video format.

Ha! Standing in line behind Cheri! 3 minutes of watching a video that may or may not be good, or 20 seconds of skimming for the goods. Bye!

Seems to me like Matt has danced around the question of BOTW. When he described a paid listing, he described BOTW. You pay and they list - they don't seem to have editorial descretion. Am I missing something?

I think he is being kind to Yahoo. Matt claims that since they may not accept 'every' link they are not a paid link directory.

Oh well, the mystery continues. And, when you get down to basics, very few websites, even those run by government, are altruistically listing website links without some form of fee.


I'm with Chori, here in South Africa bandwidth is limited and poor quality. I guess they just don't care about us folk who simply can't afford (yup that's right) the bandwidth.

Same here. I don't understand english very well, but I can read and translate if there is not clear for me something. Where we can read Matt Cutts answers?

Hi Cheri,
You were sking for a place where you could just read abut the Directories/Paid Links discussion by Matt Cutts. I found a post on the topic. It is an old post... but, he did say that he had answered the question before. Hope this helps you.

Do you know where I can find the Webmaster Guidelines? Is this it?

-AffiliateGeek Out!

Sorely disappointed - a video is not an "article". I don't read videos.

Even if you post as video, there should at least be a transcript for accessibility!

As always, the answer to the question brings up more questions. It all makes sense, but barely scratches the surface on the whole scenario.

But sometimes, videos can explain better than words

If you are demonstrating something then yes a video presentation is the way to go, but to just talk, it seems a bit pretentious

Videos are useless without subtitles. There are developers out there who can't hear at all.

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