So you were all excited when you first discovered Facebook Groups and noticed that all the cool kids had their own group so you quickly jumped on the bandwagon to create one for yourself.  You went through the process of creating an enticing title/description, selected the perfect logo and then proceeded to invite all your friends to join...but now what???

First of all, I don't think Facebook Groups work for everyone and if you're creating one from a business perspective it is important to understand the purpose of the group.  They work similar to blogs and forums in that you can use them to communicate with members in the community as well help increase awareness of products, news and services in your organization/industry.  Below are a few items that you should consider addressing to help prolong the life of your Facebook Group:

  • Growing the Community: It's important that you can continue to grow the number of members in your community for a couple of reasons. First of all, mentally, it gives other group members the confidence that your group is of interest.  Secondly, more members usually means more eyeballs viewing your content and more perspectives in the discussion.
  • Fresh and Relevant Content: As with any blog or information portal on the web, users will come back if the content stays fresh and is relevant to their business needs.  I try to post relevant links to PDFs, case studies or posts regularly and this is useful in providing content for my members as well as promoting content from other industry sources.  Besides textual content, consider uploading images for your members to view - if you're in travel post hot destinations or discounts, if you're in entertainment post brochures or advertisement, if you're in search marketing post cool landing pages or conference pictures.
  • Promote Discussion: It's difficult to get your members to initiate conversation, however since you are quite familiar with your vertical it allows you to get the conversation rolling with questions related to hot topics.  Discussion boards are an excellent way to share ideas and get multiple perspectives on a given topic.
  • Leverage the Community:  If you have a community that is truly engaged with your group (i.e.: they actively participate in discussions, communicate with you offline, post links/images video) then you can leverage the community by promoting new whitepapers, events and industry news; this can be done with mass messaging to the entire group.  You can also segment the delivery of the content based on the members' geographic location or type of organization.   However, I do recommend you don't abuse this power because an information overload could lead to members leaving the group.

The social media strategy using Facebook Groups is still in its very early stages, therefore it's important to experiment with different tactics and share the results on ones which have and have not been successful.

October 23, 2007

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I think I'll just try out my Facebook group, and if it never start up, I'll just conclude that it wasn't an appropriate solution for my needs.

I just started our site's facebook group: OurWorldTalks: a blog on the interesting things around our world.

Just like setting up a website, one needs to actively promote the group, learn to leverage on your existing facebook contacts, find other ways and means to spread the word on your facebook group. This article is a good reference. Only when it reaches a certain critical mass, will you see that your members will promote the group for you. But, in the initial phase, you have to do the grunt work. - OurWorldTalks

Hi.. I've just set up the facebook page for our venture called HastaMilan ( and would appreciate your suggestions as to the best way to promote it.

Is there some way of emailing a link to the group page that lets facebook users automatically join the group? Or even more basic how can I invite all my facebook friends to join?

Thanks :)

I'm an admin for a facebook group called "The Mark Nozland Allcock Appreciation Society and we are trying to get people to join up and talk about their mates who have done or said things that are hillarious or crazy.

Dunno how to promote this but would love it if everyone who read this joined up and added their stories.

Take it easy!

I started the most true of all facebook groups. We'd love it if you would join and start up a discussion.

FUMP (Facebook Undermines My Productivity)

Peace and good luck with your addiction!

I'm going to take Manoj up on the posting pdf's, website links and such to keep the content fresh.

Any hints or ideas on discussions our group could have would be appreciated.

I started Follow a Film on Facebook. My growth depends directly on my content, but I am having trouble with interactivity.

The group is timely in that it reveals information about the production of specific films. So when in production, membership rises, when not it trickles.

I am somewhat comfortable with that; however I try to promote discussions and even contests and I get almost no response. I can't even get to my old power users anymore. SUGGESTIONS?

Hi Laura,

Have you tried other marketing means in addition to the group: Messages to members, Emails, or even SEO?

What kind of contests have you been running?


Just started this group and agree re keeping content fresh...

Let Mamma Feed You!

Thanks for the group was just created (for myself...non profit dance musician). I will try and implement your tips

Thanks for the write up. Just launched my Facebook business page for my web design business.

- Dan Finney

Thanks for the tips...I just created a group for people with the name Jeremy. The group is called My name is Jeremy.

Facebook is useless. If you are NOT a member, you cant find anything on Facebook but you can on Myspace. Try to Google something you know is there from a new computer that does not have your facebook cookie. Most folks are not members of anything, many do not want to join either but at least they should be able to find something. Otherwise, Whats the point? Typical Canadian Crap.

Thanks for the great advice! I started up a Facebook group for the online sci/tech journal that I write for yesterday. It was great setting it up but I can see the main challenges are, as you say, keeping the content fresh and attracting people. Any further advice you may have on the administering of FB Groups would be gratefully received.

Hi there,

Do you know if you can set up sub groups under a facebook group?

I have created a group on FB and now I want to create a unique web link so that i can promote this group and get people to directly join the group rather than have them search for the group. Email if you have a solution.

Thanks for the really nice post. I have a question about member segmentation. Could someone give me a hand with how to segment members within a Facebook group?

Some good ways are to, ask people with lots of members in your category to promote your group and build up a relationship. Im still working on ways to promote my group as quick as possible


I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to change the link to my facebook group from: to something more succinct like

Please advise.
Thanks for your help,



I am wondering why I can't create a group just like creating my personal Facebook page. In other words, using a separate email account for that Facebook group. The my group is set up, I have to log into my personal Facebook page and then search my group out. Why can't I log into my group name to manage it separately?

For personal reasons, I didn't want to my name to show as the group's creator.

I belong am an administrator/member of a FB group. Another member just called to my attention that the posts don't show up in her regular news feed. That made me realize that it doesn't show up in mine either. Is this a normal thing that you need to visit the group page in order to see what's posted and the posts will not show up in your regular feed? Thank you. Robyn

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