Facebook pages are popping up as quickly as websites and blogs, in fact I am often seeing organizations push users to their Facebook page due to the built-in social interactivity of Facebook pages. With the majority of our online experiences still starting with search, whether it be on Google, Bing or Facebook, there are many factors that will help boost a given Facebook page to the top of the results. Below are some of my speculations:


  • Total Number of Followers: You can consider this the same as back links, the more 'votes' your page receives, the more authority it gains.
  • Content Posted: The fresher the content, with regards to wall posts/pictures/comments, the greater likelihood of search spiders continuously crawling the content.
  • Relevancy of Content: Does all the content that is posted within the page help improve its overall theme?
  • Big Brands: Large organizations will receive a bump just because they are top of mind to users and therefore they receive precedence in search results
  • URL: Does your Facebook page's URL contain relevant keywords related to search queries?
  • Number of 'Shares': Is the Facebook Page so compelling that people absolutely have to pass it along to their friends?
  • Age of Page: This one is pure speculation, but could there be benefits of having an older Facebook Page vs. a brand new one?

July 5, 2010

Manoj has been in the Digital marketing industry for over 10 years with experience at some of Canada's largest companies: WestJet and Shaw Communications. Manoj first started in the search marketing industry with Enquiro Search Solutions, where he spearheaded web analytics, SEO Training and the development of cutting edge search marketing solutions for clients. Manoj is also an entrepreneur in the Mobile and Local Deals space.

Manoj is a Professional Speaker having participated at events such as Web Analytics Congress (Amsterdam), Emetrics, Web Analytics Xchange, WebTrends Engage, Internet Marketing Conference, Social Media Innovation Summit and Search Engine Strategies. He has also contributed to several leading online publications such as: Search Engine Land, Marketing Pilgrim, WebProNews, Search Engine Guide and the Web Analytics Assocation.

He founded and successfully sold Web Analytics World (a top 100 Digital Marketing Blog – http://adage.com/power150) and was voted #39th Most Influential Digital Marketer in North America – 2009 (see: www.Invesp.net)


I am sure it is like any other page, keyword relevancy and backlinks

I agree with John,

Google should consider Facebook pages as normal web pages or blog posts. Twitter had this update in SERP but it is something completely different and is not actual content but generally news and announcements linking to other sources.

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