Web Analytics is not easy and can take up much of you time so it's important to concentrate on the things which have the most benefit to your business. Below I have outlined the types of things you shouldn't measure as well as some areas where you could potentially end up wasting time rather than focusing on tactics and metrics which will actually help your strategy to succeed.

Trying to Achieve 100% Accuracy

  • In a JavaScript and Cookie model, web analytics will never be 100% accurate. In a web analytics test performed last year by Stone Temple consulting where they implemented numerous analytics scripts on the same website, the results indicated up to a 10% fluctuation between analytics packages. I feel it's important to test for accuracy but a waste of your time to try to balance your books using analytics.

Measuring only the Quantity of Leads

  • You launch a PPC campaign for your hot new service at 8 AM and by noon you have 1000 new leads, mission complete, pack it up and go home - I don't think so. Yeah 1000 leads are wonderful until you find out that 50% of them are from a person who has the email test@test.com

Not Segmenting Your Data

  • Not segmenting your data is similar to closing your eyes and randomly throwing money at various advertising mediums. I can't stress the importance of taking your leads, downloads, revenue and information requests and segmenting by Medium, Search Engines and keywords.

Keeping the Data to Yourself

  • Good or bad it's important to share the data with Stakeholders in the company who need to make decisions with it. Long hours of Crunching number after number in order make the results appear in a certain way will only prolong the ability for the appropriate decision maker to take action.

Measuring Without Purpose

  • Before jumping head first into the data, Before creating a Dashboard make sure you sit down with your marketing team to figure out the goals of the appropriate project as well as what metrics they need to report on in order to do their job properly.

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May 6, 2008

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Oh yes. It's all down to interpretation.

"Facts are meaningless. They can be used to prove anything that's even remotely true!" - Homer Simpson

Might I add the idea that assuming cause & effect, where there is only a positive correlation will also waste your time. Just because your traffic goes up at the same time as your bounce rates doesn't necessarily mean that the traffic is inherently bounce-prone. That might be the case, but maybe your site design or the information on the site doesn't appeal to the new traffic.

Don't assume you know what the relationship is however and change your whole site around based upon that assumption. Postulate, test, and analyze.


'throwing money at various advertising mediums' - should be 'throwing money at various advertising media'

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