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Is it Time to Rethink Bidding on Trademarks?

You can now bid on competitor's trademarks on Yahoo and Bing; meaning you can get an instant boost in traffic and conversions.  But, this doesn't mean you should.  One PPC marketer recently lost in court to the tune of $292K plus legal fees for doing this. Protect yourself from lawsuits.

adCenter Quality Score Coming Soon

Similarly to Google AdWords, each keyword will have a quality score on a 1-10 scale with sub-scores for keyword relevance, landing page relevance, and landing page user experience to aid in optimizing performance.

Top Slots on AdWords: Even Longer Headlines

Remember how Google now moves the Description Line 1 of your ad to the headline if it appears in the top 3 results and ends in punctuation?  Now, all description lines that Google is confident are complete phrases will be moved to the headline when appearing in the top 3 spots.  Improve your CTR and ROI.

More Advanced Controls for Location Targeting

The control over when your ads are shown by location is now more granular.  You can specify not only by location, but also by search intent.  Make your advertising more targeted.

Google to Change Tablet Targeting Options

Current targeting lumps in the iPad with mobile phones, but they will allow the segmentation of these devices "in the coming weeks."  Segmentation gives better insight, which leads to smarter decisions.

AdWords Campaign Experiments Now Available in Reports

Now more cutting and pasting experiment results.  You can now download them to spreadsheet.  Just segment by experiment and get statistical significance to make optimizations decisions.  Save time analyzing your experiments.

April 1, 2011

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We tried to bid on trademarks in google adwords, and sure we got a lot of clicks but the conversions was not very good since most people wanted excactly a product from the trademark they searched for. So the cost / risc / reward was absolutely not worth it.

Did not know about the longer headlines but have now seen it and will have to try it soon.

Thanks for a great blog.

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