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Twitter's New Ad Platform

Although in beta and only open to VIP advertisers that are invited, Twitter has finally released their ad platform called Promoted Tweets.  The general format is that you can use tweets you've created or that have been retweeted by someone else as "ads" that are promoted in certain environments.  The way the ads are served are analogous to both search and contextual advertising in AdWords, where you pick keywords that are searched on to have your tweet shown or it is matched to a stream of tweets given the contextual nature that you choose in your account.  You pay on a cost per engagement which include clicks, favoriting, retweets and replies.  There is also Promoted Account where you can essentially buy followers and Promoted Trends where you are shown on hashtags.

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Google's Display Conversion Optimizer

This is in beta and may not be available on all accounts.  Google has updated their Conversion Optimizer to include a more specific Display Network version of the tool.  Remember, the Conversion Optimizer bidding option in AdWords improves results by using historical conversion data to adjust bidding on specific keywords to optimize for conversions.  This upgrade of the tool allegedly improves Display Network results by more efficiently and intelligently changing placements based on historical data to hit your target CPA.  Soon, there will be an option to choose "Automatic Campaign Optimization (Display Network Only)."

Facebook Account Quality

Facebook doesn't have a quality score formula like Google AdWords to determine the quality of your advertising, but they do have sort of an "account trust" system going on that's based on user feedback.  They actually allow users to "x-out" ads that don't appeal to them or may be offensive.  If they notify you that something is not acceptable, make sure you never do it again.  Raising this "metric" can really help with the effectiveness and efficiency of running campaigns here.

AdWords Automated Rules

This new feature lets you schedule automatic changes to your account based on criteria that you specify.  This could save you time from having to frequently go into your account and make manual changes.  You can be really creative here too, depending on your business.  You can switch ads that are shown at certain times of day, raise budgets if conversions are high on a particular day, etc. etc.

February 17, 2011

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