Search marketing seems like it changes every minute, and it's hard to blame anyone who is worried about falling behind. With big news such as Google Instant seemingly coming every instant, anyone might be concerned that their SEO knowledge is becoming outdated and that their search rankings will be the next thing to drop. I got a Facebook message from someone in just such a predicament and I decided to share my answer to him with you all.

Quick question. I hope you can help me. With so much change from Google in the recent months and weekly algorithm changes I am sure to come... and so much info in the blogosphere... I am wondering... what is the best way to keep up with it all? I have both your SEO books... first and second editions. If I stayed focused with all that you teach in the books and not pay attention to all the info out there... will I still be OK and ranking organically? Thanks Mike!

Well, Larry, no one can guarantee that you'll be OK no matter what you do. But I am sure that you do not need to keep up with every algorithm change to succeed in organic search marketing.

There are some people who can follow every twist and turn of Google's algorithm (and Bing's too, for that matter), but if that describes you, then why are you reading my blog? No, my readers need advice that won't change next week, which is what I give you.

The basics of search marketing don't change:

  • You must know what searchers are looking for. Every keyword they use, every piece of content, they'll be watching you. Or they won't. It all depends on whether you know what they want.
  • You must have a better answer than other people do. If you've really got a good answer for their question--better than what almost everyone else has, then you'll be found. If not, not.
  • You must be able to sell something related to the answer. Sometimes, that's easy because they are searching for the exact thing that you make. But other times, they are looking for the solution to a problem, so you need to sell what solves it for them.

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June 15, 2013

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the past few months have seen great changes taken place in the search engines, I'm still trying to fit in and get new techniques in SEO. nice post and looking forward to your updates.

Its very difficult to keep up to date on what exactly is going on especially with a lot of conflicting evidence. Best solution is to listen to what all the top SEO related sites are saying and then do your own research and tests to confirm your / others thoughts.

Hi Mike
Im a fan, but only have one of your books (so far ;)
Love the concise yet pragmatic approach particularly:

The obsessive minute by minute monitoring of Google updates. I'd suggest to these poor tortured souls that its very clear Google is on a mission. Understand what their agenda is and work to it. Chill!

Anticipating a market segment's searches (jargonistically 'keyword targeting'?) is like staring into a crystal ball - until you start talking to the searchers themselves. Never hurts to include actually speaking to the target market as part of your research.


Good points, Peter. Don't chase the algorithm. Instead, create quality content and hope that Google figures it out. They get better at it every year.

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