It's hard to look up without reading about the iPad. I am sure that it is a wonderful device. And I know nothing about it that you can't read and see in all the usual places. But if you are wondering what you need to know about it for your business, the answer is probably "nothing." And that is a good thing.

For all the hype that you'll hear about the iPad, the best thing about it is that it is a revolutionary new hardware category (because tablets have all failed in the past), but the software is refreshingly evolutionary.

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Yes, people might suddenly buy tablets in droves and have a new device to find your business. But the way they find your business won't require much from you that is any different from what you needed before. Sure, if you run a magazine or a publishing company, this is big news, but you have a lot of other things to worry about, too. But for normal small businesses, there isn't anything new here, which is great news.

Here are the ways that an iPad user can find you:

  • Old-fashioned search in a Web browser. We don't have details yet, but it is likely that your plain old boring Web site will work just fine here. If you have already optimized your site to be found, the 1024x768 resolution should display your site just fine, with one exception: Flash is not supported. That will probably be fixed soon, but not today. (If your site doesn't render well without Flash, you probably have other issues that prevented you from optimizing it for search anyway.)
  • Local search. If you have a local business that benefits from walk-in traffic from people on the go, you should already be thinking about local search. If so, it is unlikely that you need to do anything special to support the iPad. From what I read, the iPad does not appear to include a GPS chip, so it won't be aware of exactly where people are (unlike most smart phones), so its local search is limited to knowing approximately where you have connected to the Internet. This isn't much different to how computer users are treated in local search, so I don't see any revolutionary changes to what marketers must do.
  • Apple apps. I want to call them iPhone apps, but now that they run on iPods and IPads, I think they need a different name and I am not smart enough to know if they already have a different name. Regardless, all of these existing apps are said to run on the iPad, so if your business already has an iPhone app or can be found by an important iPhone app for your industry, it will be found by iPad users with that app, too. You should expect to see some folks update their apps to take advantage of the larger screen size. If you have your own iPhone app, you might want to do that, too, but I don't think there is any fundamental marketing change needed here.

So, there is mostly good news here for digital marketers. If you've been ignoring how folks find you online, or you have no idea what local search is, the iPad is just another in a series of wake-up calls that you need to listen to. But if you've been paying attention to what's been going on the last few years, the iPad doesn't seem to add anything to your to-do list.

If the iPad takes off and creates a new successful category for mobile devices, then more folks will be searching and shopping and that will be great. What's even better is that what you are already doing to be found when they search is just about all you need to do to be found on the iPad. So, if you want to immerse yourself in the details because you are gadget hound, go ahead. But if you'd rather get back to work and mostly ignore all the hype, be my guest. Your business will be just fine.

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January 27, 2010

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I agree with most of the things you have said that but We should remember that iPad is an innovative new device and mostly innovative devices are also seen in the same way this product is being seen and I am sure that such product will definitely have an impact on the market in the next coming years

i find it very annoying that flash isn't supported, is flash dying?

Flash i snot dying, but it takes some effort to support and Apple and Adobe haven't gotten together on this yet. You should expect to see it eventually, I would expect.

The iPad is an Apple product and there it will probably take off. I'm very surprised that multitasking isn't supported and it doesn't come with a webcam.

I want to be clear that I have no idea whether the iPad will be a successful product or not. My point was that marketers don't have anything new to learn. That's not a bad thing, if you ask a marketer.

My friend you are wrong in one thing. it is absolutly right that there is no renewal in what people do on the web and that the ipad is just another way of doing it.

but on the other hand social media will become more sharp and spicy as time will go by. it doesn't really matter if it will be the ipad, the gpad or some other pad.

but social marketing is needed badly as time goes by. if SEO and simple buzz were enough, ipad and similar technologies will make us more active where ever we will be.

with google social search and other social features, twitter, facebook and other social networks, the marketing experts should help the customer focusing on a better more accurate personal branding process and optimze Social media at all means possible.

The ipad is a significant wakeup call for the fact that internet users are gonna be every where anytime and basically all the time!

Thanks for the comment, Stav. I agree with you that social media is extremely important--both of my books cover social media and I am the Chief Strategist for Converseon, which won the SAMMY award for Best Social Media Agency. So, yes, social media is important.

I just don't think that the IPad itself changes any of the existing equation for marketers. The iPad might indeed be a breakthrough device for users--I am no expert on that--but I don't see anything that changes what marketers need to do.

@jessica, I think it's entirely possible that iPads will be the hot new device, but it still doesn't challenge marketers in any significant way. What they did yesterday they should still do tomorrow.

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