Local Search takes a seat at the grownups' table in 2009 with GetListed.org, the brainchild of gadget wizard, Pat Sexton and Local Search expert, David Mihm. In a Local climate where failure to claim your business listings can result in competitive hijacking, loss of income and damaging misrepresentation, there is no time to lose in getting listed and getting listed right. Sexton and Mihm have just made this vital task incredibly elegant and oh-so-easy with what I believe is the most noteworthy tool yet created for the Local Search industry.

What Does GetListed.org Do?

Just type in a business name and zip code and GetListed.org quickly returns you a set of results that detail the status of your local business listing in Google, Yahoo, BOTW and MSN. In seconds, you can see what data has been published about your business, whether you have claimed that data as belonging to you, how many external sites are citing your business, how many reviews you have and whether there are photos and videos embellishing your listings in these 4 major local directories.

Your business is given a percentage score by the tool, telling you how complete or incomplete your local efforts currently are. And, if the tool shows you holes in your efforts, simply click the links provided to perform critical tasks like claiming your listing.

This is the basic function the tool provides, but there's more to love at GetListed.org.

The 3 Groups Who Need This Tool

Local Business Owners

Any business with a local focus will benefit for the rapidity with which this tool will show them how they are currently listed and what to do to claim or improve their data. Though some of the major local databases do make it relatively easy to get listed in their indexes, the king of them all has made it more like a scavenger hunt than a straightforward process. I had to get Mike Blumenthal to teach me how to tell whether or not a business listing had been claimed in Google's local application and it was by no means intuitive. Lack of marketing of Google's Local Business Center has left countless business owners in the dark about the existence and importance of claiming their listings, leaving them open to competitive hijacking and loss of income.

Sexton and Mihm's tool will make it simple for struggling local business owners to find their way around the most crucial aspects of their online reputation and marketing. The layout of the tool's results is extremely sensible and clear.

Local SEOs

GetListed.org lets you create a custom dashboard. Simply plug in all of your clients' businesses and you now have a very charming tool for keeping track of where you are at with all of your efforts for them. Additionally, I can see exactly how awesome this tool will be for those phone calls I answer wherein a local business owner tells me his company name and I want to get some immediate information about where he's at in the local arena. Even as my conversation is rolling merrily along, I will now be pulling up key stats about the business in question. GetListed.org will paint a bold, broad picture for me with a couple of keystrokes.

SEOs In General

Anyone who is doing competitive research will appreciate the quick data this tool calls up regarding clients' competitors. The next time you are working with a business that has a local element, all you have to do is start plugging in the names and zip codes of similar companies in a given region and you will see not only where the holes are in competitors' strategies but also exactly where they are getting their reviews and those all-important citations from.

If you're an SEO whose main focus has been devoted to SM rather than Local over the past few years and you're feeling a bit confused by all of this talk of citations, 10-packs and One Boxes, GetListed.org will jumpstart your confidence as to what some of the key concerns of Local Search are. This tool has the power to help you find the competitive local edge many of your clients will be needing.

Mihm & Sexton Go The Extra Mile

Remember those old Ginsu knife commercials where you didn't just get a set of knives, but you also got the potato curler and the cabbage chopper? Mihm and Sexton have taken their efforts beyond simply providing this powerful tool. The website offers a top notch Local Search article resource, advice on increasing local visibility with paid programs like Adwords and BOTW Premium Listings and a small directory of handpicked Local Search firms you can turn to for professional services. There's a blog going on there and tutorials for anyone who is feeling lost. You might say that GetListed.org slices and dices and I found it so useful, I must have opened it up a dozen times while it was still in beta.

My enthusiasm for the launch of the tool is 100% genuine. Sometimes, Local Search feels to me like it's only gained a sort of cult following, and while I actually enjoy that about the niche, a classy tool like GetListed treats this field of SEO with the dignity and importance I believe it merits. David and Pat have just made my job more enjoyable and they've developed an aide that I think will be of tremendous use to the Local public.

January 20, 2009

Miriam Ellis is the co-owner of Solas Web Design and CopyLocal, providing SEO-based website design, Local SEO and professional copywriting for small-to-medium North American businesses. She is the Local SEO Associate in the Q&A Forum at SEOmoz, a moderator at Cre8asite Forums and an annual participant in David Mihm's Local Search Ranking Factors report. When she and her husband are not working on the web, they're farming organically and working on increased sustainability or roaming about in nature having the time of their lives.


I cannot agree more, actually I wrote a similar post weeks ago


Frontier Blog

Seems to really a new and fresh tool for Local Online Marketing.

Get Listed is a very cool tool. Not necessarily correct because the info isn't up to date even though the search engines have updated info on our business. Best of the Web is worthless though. I don't even understand why that was included? In fact their email server that sends out confirmations isn't even working.

Only works in the US

Interesting idea. Does anyone know if the site collects the reviews fed to Google and Yahoo from Insiderpages, Merchant Circle, CitySearch, and others? What about specialty review sites like Martindale for attorneys?

Great tip, I have another business that has a local presence and just realized I am only claimed in Google and I know we are being watched by our competition.

Christian Books

Thanks for all of the comments, guys, and for such a nice write-up, Miriam.

I'll try to answer a couple of the comments.

- Yes, this tool currently only works for US businesses. We are in development with an international version; international addresses aren't always returned by the search engines in the same fashion for each business.

- Spxfitness, if you would send an email to ask@getlisted.org, we would be interested to hear about your specific case. Beta-testers mentioned very, very few errors in the tool's functionality. Your error may have to do with a ZIP code mis-match or a business with two *slightly* different names at the same address, both of which have been indexed by at least one of the SE's.

- Paul, we do hope to add more Local portals and specialized review sites in future versions of the tool. Certainly that's a feature that SEO's would love to see; we're currently thinking through how to best present those additional engines without confusing SMB's.

Thanks again for the feedback!

David Mihm
Director + COO, GetListed.org

Hi David,
Thank you so much for coming by and addressing some of the comments left here.

I, too, was surprised by SPXfitness' comment about BOTW. I had not had this problem, nor heard of it. I've found BOTW's site to work very simply.

As David mentions, he and Pat are going to continue to work on improving and expanding the usefulness of this tool, and I, for one, can't wait to see what they do next.


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