One of my clients recently got a new VP of Marketing who is really gung-ho about business blogging and content marketing. This is great because for months they'd been struggling with their editorial calendar and their blog would produce content in fits and starts. When it comes to content marketing consistency is the key to building momentum and having 3 blog posts one week and then nothing for a month, then one blog post a week and then 4 in a day...well, it doesn't give you that steady stream of content that really helps fuel your social campaigns and earn quality links.

Starting in January 2013 this client really found their groove when it came to business blogging and was consistently putting out at least one blog post a week, as well as taking advantage of some guest blogging opportunities we'd found. Between all the content going live, the new referral links being created, and heavy social promotion traffic to blog had a nice, steady upward trend with some powerful surges of traffic. Their blog posts were popping up in the SERPs for a multitude of keywords, expanding their organic search presence, and guest posts were sending visitors that hung around the site for a lot longer and visited more pages than the site average. All in all, things were looking great from a content marketing standpoint!

Blogging Traffic.jpg

But as you can see in the graph above something happened in July and traffic to the blog dropped off pretty quickly...basically they stopped writing new content. Evergreen content was still pulling a few visitors to the site overtime, but without fresh content to promote and leverage much of their blog traffic dried up. For instance, in June my client got 222 visitors from LinkedIn thanks to the 6 blog posts that went live. In July, however, no fresh content meant only 41 visitors came to the site from LinkedIn. Since we didn't have any new content to promote on the company page and in various LinkedIn Groups they lost almost 82% of LinkedIn traffic from one month to the next month. The loss of 181 visitors might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but when you add in the lost referral traffic (because of no new guest posts), loss social traffic, and the loss of traffic from social bookmarking sites and RSS feeds suddenly their overall traffic is down quite substantially.

From June to July, blog traffic was down 44.5% and unique page views and entrances were down over 50% each. By the end of July, traffic to the blog had basically dropped back to where they had started in January 2013. While I'm confident that once this client gets back to their usual content creation and promotion schedule the blog traffic will return, a lost month is always hard to bounce completely back from.

Many websites struggle with content creation time and time again. Some sites don't have an in-house writer; others have small marketing departments and blogging takes a back seat to everything else that needs to get done. Even more sites, especially in the B2B world, feel like they don't have anything unique to say or struggle with getting their point of view across. But as B2B content marketing expert Michael Brenner said,

My advice is to stop thinking that getting a steady flow if content is too hard or too expensive. The first step needs to come from support at the executive level and then recruitment of internal thought leaders. Every employee inside your company has knowledge, experience and a story to tell.

As you can see in the graph above, getting stuck for even a month when it comes to your business blogging can have a significant impact on the traffic coming to your site. While you don't have to be pumping out 5 new blog posts every day you need to pick a content creation schedule that works for you and stick with it.

July 30, 2013

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Inconsistency seems to be a major problem with a lot of blogs these days but I have noticed more and more people jumping on the "Guest Blogging" bandwagon, meaning they don't have to create their own content but can still post regularly.

If you don't have the time to manage and update your own blog, would you definitely recommend looking into Guest Blogging or would it be more preferrable to outsource your content (if you don't have an in-house team)

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