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Search Engine Optimization

As one of the most knowledgeable online strategy consultancy firms, Orbidex carries the reputation of true search engine optimization experts.

A primary reason for the reputation Orbidex has established is their willingness to share the wealth of information that they have accumulated in their years of online site marketing experience.

The following articles have been written by the search engine optimization team at Orbidex and are provided to assist you with your search engine optimization efforts.

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Google Optimization: Jump Starting an Online Marketing Campaign
By Eric Lander - April 29, 2002
Online marketing has gone from banner advertisements, to link exchanges, to pay per click, and beyond. One of the best ways to obtain traffic to a web site while avoiding the massive costs of other such avenues is to optimize your web site for the Google audience. Search Results - Ranking in Lycos
By Andrew Gerhart - April 17, 2002
This week we will cover We will continue the series by taking a look at the status of the portal and search engine, results displayed, how clean and relevant they are, how to get your site listed and rank well, and what it will cost you.

Open Directory Project Search Results and ODP Status
By Andrew Gerhart - April 05, 2002
In light of the grandiose April Fool's Day prank by ODP, the fourth part of this series of articles will discuss the Open Directory Project, We will examine the directory as a whole, the directory results within ODP, ODP's reach within the Internet industry, and the current status of the Open Directory Project. - An In-Depth Look at the Search Engine Giant
By Eric Lander - March 28, 2002
Google boasts the largest searchable database of indexed web content, provides users with the ability to search for more than just web documents, and has the largest user base of any one search engine. This article breaks down what Google has powering it's dramatic success. Search Results and Search Engine Relationships
By Andrew Gerhart - March 22, 2002
The third part of this series of articles discusses the portal. We dissect the search results within and the AOL directory, how to submit your web site to AOL, and what it will take and cost to have your site ranking well in the search results. Search Results and Search Engine Relationships
By Andrew Gerhart - March 20, 2002
The second part of this series of articles deals with We breakdown Yahoo results, what search engines supply these results, how much you will have to pay for these listings, how to rank well in Yahoo results, and more.

How Provides Search Results
By Andrew Gerhart - March 18, 2002
Depending on the market that your web site is in and the keywords that you are targeting, MSN has the potential to be your largest source of referrals. So, how do you get your site listed in MSN, and whose results do they display?

Dynamic Page Optimization and Search Engine Inclusion
By Eric Lander - March 15, 2002
Optimizing large, dynamically driven web sites can be difficult without the right toolbox of ideas and technology available. Lander reviews some options and lays down the groundwork for getting a great optimization plan going on these dynamically generated giants.

Search Engine Optimization Takes Time
By Andrew Gerhart - March 01, 2002
Seeing results from your search engine optimization campaign takes time, and you need to be patient. This little rule of thumb applies to all aspects of an SEO campaign: being indexed in the search engines, ranking in the search engines, building link popularity, etc.

Understanding and Optimizing for Inktomi
By Eric Lander - February 28, 2002
One of the most valuable pay-per-inclusion options available to web site optimization specialists as well as growing online businesses, is an inclusion to the Inktomi search engine.

Importance of Clean HTML Code to Optimizaton
By Andrew Gerhart - February 26, 2002
Your website's HTML code, its appearance and presentation to the search engine robots, validation results, and more, are all important to search engine ranking and a search engine optimization campaign.

Optimizing Web Site Themes for Search Engines
By Andrew Gerhart and Eric Lander - February 22, 2002
Within an ever-changing industry such as search engine optimization, a constant such as a theme is a diamond in the rough. Let's discuss the benefits you can enjoy when you theme your Website successfully, and optimize it properly.

Understanding and Building Google PageRank
By Andrew Gerhart - February 07, 2002
Google assigns a score, called PageRank, to each web page on every site that is within the Google database. Andrew explains what Google's PageRank is, how to understand the calculation, and some of the correct ways to build and increase your PageRank.

The Importance of a Well-Rounded SEO Campaign
By Andrew Gerhart - January 31, 2002
Is your search engine optimization keeping you in the dark on the other forms of online marketing, advertising, and website promotion that will increase exposure and traffic to your site?

How To Maximize Optimization through Minimizing Roadblocks
By Eric Lander - January 30, 2002
How do the legitimate optimization companies remain goal oriented, while not over-analyzing or wasting time - yet still over-satisfy the client? Minimizing the roadblocks that can interfere with the healthy progression of an optimization campaign is key, as Lander reviews.

Professional Networking in the Search Engine Optimization Industry
By Eric Lander - January 22, 2002
The SEO Industry is gaining momentum, credibility, and legitimacy. Learn how to make the most of your professional networking and help your business and career succeed.

Analyzing SERPs and Sites To Your SEO Advantage
By Andrew Gerhart - January 22, 2002
Within the search engine results pages and your competitors' sites there is loads of information that can be helpful to your search engine optimization campaign. Andrew discusses what to look for, where to find it, and how to use the information to your optimization advantage.

1st Internet Marketing BarConference
By Andrew Gerhart - January 15, 2002
With the 1st Internet Marketing BarConference coming up soon, Andrew sheds some light on the BarConference, who will be there, where it is being held, and why you should attend.

SEO Values: The Importance of Keyword Research
By Eric Lander - December 21, 2001
Search engine optimization is no longer a service for those who simply choose to enhance their web site's prominence. It has evolved into a necessity for any organization looking to succeed on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization Makes The Headlines
By Andrew Gerhart - December 14, 2001
There have been three articles this week regarding search engine optimization, search engines, and online spending, that have run in some reputable magazines and newspapers. Andrew discusses why this is a step forward for, and what each article meant to, the search engine optimization industry.

How Server Logs Help Develop SEO Campaigns
By Eric Lander - December 07, 2001
Server logs produce statistics. Statistics need to be analyzed. SEO Campaigns need to be successful. Learn how they all relate!

Search Engines Future Forecast - SEO or PPC?
By Andrew Gerhart - December 06, 2001
After Yahoo! surprised everyone when they announced and implemented Overture's PPC listings on their results pages, there has been alot of talk about the SE's going to PPC. Gerhart examines these predictions, and gives reasons why they may not be entirely true.

Maintaining Focus as an SEO Professional
By Eric Lander - December 04, 2001
Far too often, optimization specialists overlook their own sites as they try to perfect optimization for that big-name client. Lander takes a closer look at what is at stake and offers some tips for those looking to treat all SEO related clients equally - without losing your own competitive edge.

Surviving the Google Update
By Andrew Gerhart - November 29, 2001
The Google update has all but finished for this month, and we have seen some shifting in the results pages and the Google algorithm. Andrew Gerhart shares an extensive survival guide for the monthly Google Update.

Estimating the Results of an Optimization Plan
By Andrew Gerhart - November 09, 2001
How to estimate the amount of traffic that a website will see after an optimization is successfully implemented, as well as the variables within the formula and problems that one will incur when using this formula.

Preparing the Ultimate SEO Proposal
By Eric Lander - November 08, 2001
Understanding SEO can be as difficult as anything else in the world. When you prepare documents for your potential clients, you need to be insightful and informative - or some intense confusion may be just around the corner.

Google Changes For The Better
By Andrew Gerhart - November 02, 2001
The monthly update has begun at Google, and has brought some changes that should help webmasters, designers, and optimization professionals.

Redefining the Industry of Search Engine Optimization
By Eric Lander - November 01, 2001
We have entered a period in which many search engines are cleaning up their acts and offering users the most valuable content they can. The result is an entirely new set of successful optimization techniques, and the weeding out of good SEO's from the bad.

Planning & Executing a New SEO Campaign
By Eric Lander - October 18, 2001
For optimization professionals, newbies, or webmasters looking to acquire more targeted traffic - this article outlines a basic and successful approach to optimization through site and self management...

Locked Doorways?
By Andrew Gerhart - October 11, 2001
SEO practices change quickly and often, and what works today may not work tomorrow. Andrew Gerhart discusses how doorway pages are a perfect expample of this, how doorway pages are giving the SEO industry a bad name, and how optimization should be done.

Internet and SEO Can Help In Times of Recession
By Andrew Gerhart - October 05, 2001
The economy is in a recession, but this doesn't mean that your business should suffer. Andrew Gerhart explores the different ways that the Internet and SEO can help your business, online and offline, during times of economic slowdown.

Never Ignore the 404
By Eric Lander - October 04, 2001
Those who choose to work within site optimization should already be aware that information within log files serve vital to any effort. While many optimizers spend hours crunching the paths of traffic flow, few focus on the errors their site encounters.

Successful Keyword Targeting
By Andrew Gerhart - September 28, 2001
Choosing the right keywords and amount of keywords to target when developing and optimizing a website is difficult and very important. Andrew Gerhart discusses what to think about when choosing, how to choose them, and why it is so important to choose the right ones.

Search Engine Seduction
By Eric Lander - September 27, 2001
Looking for the best and cheapest ways to get spiders, bots and crawlers to continuously index your website and it's documents? Lander discusses some primary concerns that any web designer should have nearby.

Paranoia Wins the Search Enginesí Love
By Eric Lander - September 21, 2001
How do you stay atop your competitors in the ranking wars? Easily! You just need to focus on being paranoid! Eric Lander explains why a frantic desire for knowledge can feed your site the competive edge...

SEO Revelation out of Tragedy
By Andrew Gerhart - September 21, 2001
Terrorist tragedies within the US affected the world last week. In this week's article Andrew Gerhart focuses on what we, as search engine optimizers, can learn from this tragedy and the role that the Internet played in our ability to obtain up to date information...

Search Engine Optimization = New Advertising Avenue
By Andrew Gerhart - September 17, 2001
With the advertising industry seeing major declines within the industry, Andrew Gerhart explores how search engine optimization should be the new avenue of advertsing to pursue and the benefits it entails.

Achieve Ranks Through Content - Not Money
By Eric Lander - September 13, 2001
This week, Eric Lander focuses on how money can be easily wasted in the misunderstood aspects of SEO, and refocuses on what approach allows us as 'Net specialists to achieve results the easy way. Free.

Yahoo! Dismissed Too Soon
By Andrew Gerhart - September 12, 2001
In light of the recent price hike for Yahoo! submission, Andrew Gerhart discusses what Yahoo! offers for the money, why the price of submission is warranted, and what to do before submitting to Yahoo! directory.

The Factors, Fate, and Fallacies of Paid-Performance
By Eric Lander - September 05, 2001
Danny Sullivan raised some points, and Eric Lander forms a favorable opinion on the oft-debated world of paid inclusion programs and their future in the world of SEO for all online marketing specialists.

Soothing Your SEO Investment Woes
By Andrew Gerhart - August 29, 2001
Orbidex's Director of SEO Operations invites readers of all backgrounds to explore the answers to questions that many marketing and online specialists may have regarding the cost and effectiveness of SEO in today's business world...

Search Engine Mythology 101
By Eric Lander - August 28, 2001
Take your seats boys and girls... Class is now in session! Eric Lander focuses this weeks article on the demystification of the search engine's great unknowns; and quickly sets the record straight with just a few of the many myths and fallacies of search engine usage on the Internet.

Safe and Smart Site Submissions
By Andrew Gerhart - August 24, 2001
Andrew Gerhart looks into how automated SE promotional tools can hinder an SEO campaign as opposed to help...

Pay-Per-Click (GoTo) vs. Free (Google) Search Engines
By Andrew Gerhart - August 15, 2001
Is the market of true optimization dissappearing? Are pay-for-inclusion indexes ruining the efforts and abilities employed by SEO professionals? Andrew Gerhart takes a closer link at this debate in this weeks article...

Code Red's Affect on SEO and Site Reports
By Eric Lander - August 14, 2001
As the Code Red Worm affected the lives of server admins the world over, SEO specialists and online marketing gurus also need to watch their stats closely. The recent upswing of site traffic may not be all it's cracked up to be, and Eric Lander explains why...

Link Popularity and Your Site's Success
By Andrew Gerhart - August 08, 2001
Link popularity has become an important factor in the search engine ranking of your website, and it is important to understand the methods you should employ as well as those you should avoid at all cost. Here, Andrew Gerhart covers all the bases and explains why you should take your time when trying to build link popularity...

Help a Client, Help Yourself
By Eric Lander - August 07, 2001
With new clients, developers are often presented with some great ideas, and some bad ones. Here, Eric Lander reviews one of the worst ideas, and explores how to satisfy a client without compromising usability...

Age Old Wisdom: Usability
By Eric Lander - August 06, 2001
In a discussion on usability within Orbidex, COO Erik Petersen points out that the Jakob Nielsen's two year old philosophy behind web design, should be applied today as much as it was when it was originally documented. And often, bad design is often needed to become good design...