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Theater search engines, portals, and directories.


AmericanTheater Web - [New Window] - Dedicated to American theater on-line. Search the theater and production database by playwright, geographic area, performance date, etc.

Encyclopedia of Canadian Theatre

Federation of Scottish Theatre - [New Window] - From puppetry in Pitlochry to drama in Dundee...dance in Drumchapel to opera in Glasgow, this site will bring you everything you need to know about Scottish theatre. Search the site in a number of different ways, from where the show is being performed, to price and even whether the production is suitable for children, includes music and is prizewinning.

IBDB - Internet Broadway Database - [New Window] - IBDB provides records of productions from the beginnings of New York theatre until today. Details include pertinent people involved as well as interesting facts and production statistics. Get a list of every production of Hamlet on Broadway or a list of your favorite actor's credits. Find out what played at a particular theatre or what shows opened in a specified Broadway season.

Internet Theatre Database - [New Window] - A searchable archive of theatre past, present, and future.

Justin's Drama and Theatre Links - [New Window] - Extensive directory of theatre resources.

Musicals101 - [New Window] - Provides an alphabetical list of stage musicals, stage and screen chronologies, a musicals who's who list, a musicals calendar, and a musicals photo gallery.

Shepperd - [New Window] - Technical production information for the entertainment industry. Contains links to lighting, sound, rigging, staging suppliers and resources.

theatrecanada.com - [New Window] - Find a list of Canadian live theatres. Geographically arranged for easy navigation, you have access to contact information, schedules, productions, box office numbers, ticket information and much more.

TheatreUSA.com - [New Window] - Directory of theatre, production, and writing links for playwrights, actors, producers, directors, & stage managers.

Theatricopia - [New Window] - Directory of musicals resources.

UK Theatre Web - [New Window] - UK-wide listings of what's on in the UK. Includes plays, musicals, film, opera, dance, ballet, concerts, gigs and more.

WWW Virtual Library Theatre and Drama - [New Window] - Directory of theatre and drama resources worldwide, professional, academic and recreational. Guide to online plays, articles, essays, books, theatre companies, festivals, mailing lists. More than 40 countries.