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AgMap - [New Window] - AgMap is a online searchable directory of America's agricultural businesses, which includes producers, processors, and service providers. AgMap contains listings of not only traditional agicultural businesses, but also the businesses in forestry, turf grass, landscaping, nursery, and much more.

Agriculture and Forestry Business Directory - [New Window] - Provides information about agriculture-related institution websites. Agriculture and Forestry ministries, information centres, universities, libraries, rural research centres. Focusing on businesses who are involved in agriculture and horticulture. Information and web services for farmers and growers, news, food market, food technology, directory of companies and agricultural services.

Agriculture B2B - [New Window] - The agriculture industry is a highly diverse industry that supports a wide variety of activities in all regions of the world. The AgricultureB2B.com Resource Directory is a comprehensive listing of all things agriculture in the North America and worldwide. The directory features listings in thousands of categories - from companies to farms and feed suppliers to training and transportation and everything in-between. We believe that the farmer has always been in the forefront, embracing new ideas and technology, recognizing the keenness of the competitive edge upon which they balance their livelihoods. AgricultureB2B.com was created to bring the benefits of the Intenet to all people presently engaged in the constructive conservation, development, and promotion of the agriculture industry. All the links found in our various categories are carefully reviewed before inclusion. We are located in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Agriculture Directory - AgricultureToday.com - [New Window] - International directory of reviewed agricultural sites - listings of farmers, agricultural consultants, organizations, manufacturers, equipment dealers, agricultural universities and colleges, livestock breeders, and more.

Agriculture Tradeworld - [New Window] - A portal which guides you through the world of the agriculture industry: tractors, seeds, cattle, fertilizers, poultry etc.

Agrolinks - [New Window] - Brazilian agriculture site directory. Agribusiness, news, forum, classifieds, auctions, and more.

Agsites - [New Window] - This is the place to find websites connected with the weather, agriculture, fisheries, food and the outdoor world. Agsites.net provides people with an interest in agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, food industries and the outdoor world with the most comprehensive list of websites available, to help with the sourcing of equipment, services, information, supplies, studies and research, or just plain curiosity. We know how wide the knowledge and interests of the farming world are, and we have tried to reproduce this wealth of knowledge with our links.

California Agricultural Tourism Directory - [New Window] - The UC Small Farm Program hosts a searchable, online directory of California agricultural tourism (agritourism) operations, for use by visitors looking for a farm or ranch to visit. For the purposes of this directory, agritourism is a commercial enterprise at a working farm, ranch, or agricultural facility conducted for the enjoyment and education of visitors that generates supplemental income for the owner.

Community Supported Agriculture Farm Directory - [New Window] - At their most fundamental level, CSA farms provide a weekly delivery of sustainably grown produce to consumers during the growing season (approximately June to October). Those consumers, in turn, pay a subscription fee. But CSA consumers don’t so much “buy” food from particular farms as become “members” of those farms. CSA operations provide more than just food; they offer ways for eaters to become involved in the ecological and human community that supports the farm.

Farm Net Services - [New Window] - over 1600 categories and subcategories of agricultural equipment, products and services. Select a category to see a listing of companies that provide these products and services or use the Company Product Search feature to locate the company or product information you need.

Native Nursery - [New Window] - Directory covering subjects related to native Australian flora and the environment. Search the species list, locate suppliers and environmental projects, and more.