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Compare Gas and Electricity Prices

It's easy to compare gas and electricity prices for your area so you can make the best decision according to your budget and your choice of power sources. Become an educated consumer and get the best rates.

Compare Gas and Electricity Prices

Average Retail Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customers by End-Use Sector, by State - [New Window] - This site presents the average retail price of electricity to the ultimate customers by end use sector and by state for the current and prior year. Find out how your current rate matches up to the average prices people from around your state pay. You can also find information on the sources providing the electricity. The sources generating electricity can include coal, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind and other renewables. Provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Choose Energy - Compare Offers by Price, Provider and Energy Type - [New Window] - Offers an unbiased shopping experience for Texas electric companies. With ChooseEnergy.com, consumers can do simple comparison shopping and Texas electric companies can bid on your business.

By helping more people switch to lower cost and more competitive Texas electric providers, we will help lower energy prices through competition. Many people simply don't know they have a choice when it comes to their Texas electric company. Well, we aim to change all of that and help create awareness and competition by allowing consumers of Texas electricity select lower prices, better customer care, and more flexible payment and billing options.

You do have the Power to Choose Texas - let's start today and choose a lower priced Texas electric service. We have created the most advanced system that allows you to compare offers by price, by provider, by energy type and many other factors. This allows you to gain a greater understanding of your Texas electric choices to make it easier to switch and lower your electric bill.

Compare Business Electricity and Business Gas Prices - [New Window] - UK Power Ltd is an independent and impartial private limited company created to make it easy for people to compare gas, electricity and dual fuel prices between suppliers, and to make this information freely available to you, the consumer and our valued customer.

We gather all the data from all suppliers and other sources and we have developed the calculator to make it easy to extract the figures relevant to your needs and to show comparisons between all suppliers in order of best cost. Basically, we do all the hard work of collecting the details and doing the calculations, so it's easy for you to see the real comparisons between suppliers prices.

We have also made this service as quick and easy as possible to enter your details and to get your results. Data entry is on one page, and all the results are on the next page. Full tariff details are available by clicking on the cost result for each supplier.

Compare Electricity Suppliers and Electric Service Prices in New Jersey - [New Window] - New Jersey Electric Company Suppliers directory. Browse electricity providers in NJ including ConEdison, Direct Energy, Gexa and more.

New Jersey is one of many states with deregulated electricity. So what exactly is electricity deregulation? Until a few years ago, the electricity market in New Jersey was a monopoly and electric consumers did not have a choice with regard to choosing their electric providers. After electric deregulation, electric consumers are now able to choose their Retail Electricity Provider (REP) from a handful of REPs in the New Jersey market.

One important thing that did not change is that regardless of which provider you choose and which electric rate plan you are on, the reliability of your service does not change. Depending on what area of New Jersey you live in, your electric utility, or "poles and wires" company will remain as is.

Competitive Energy Choices - Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) Directory - [New Window] - This directory contains contact information on energy services companies (ESCOs) that have met the Commission's and utility requirements to provide energy supply, electricity or natural gas, and other services in New York. To get information on the ESCOs providing electricity or natural gas in your utility service territory, select a customer type and utility service area click the submit button at the bottom of the list. The Available ESCOs that fit the selection will be provided.

Electricity and Natural Gas Rates and Delivery - [New Window] - Information on electric and natural gas baselines. Comparison charts provided breaking comparing rates by year.

Electricity Pricing Chart - [New Window] - Global electricity price comparison chart with further information on the costs of electricity by source.

Energy Prices: Natural Gas, Electricity and Petroleum - [New Window] - Get updated data about energy prices. Find information about natural gas and electricity prices changes.

Natural Gas Prices by State - [New Window] - U.S. and State prices for wellhead, imports, exports, citygate, and end-use sectors. Percentages of total volume delivered by sector. (monthly, annual).

ower to Choose: Compare Electricity Offers - [New Window] - Electric choice gives you options. You can choose an offer based on price, contract terms and other requirements, green/renewable options, or other factors important to you. This site can help you narrow down your choices and ask the right questions of each company so that you can make an apples-to-apples comparison.

Save On Energy - [New Window] - SaveOnEnergy.com provides customers with the tools to easily find, compare and order competitive energy services. Whether for the home or office, SaveOnEnergy.com is a 'one-stop-shop' destination connecting customers to a select group of pre-qualified energy suppliers.

Independent and unbiased in their recommendations, SaveOnEnergy.com is dedicated to finding competitive energy rates and energy saving solutions for the customer. SaveOnEnergy.com's highly trained staff of business-to-business experts recommend only those energy suppliers meeting a rigorous criteria, offering competitive energy prices and savings and delivering excellent customer service. Rest assured that any energy supplier SaveOnEnergy.com recommends will be consistent and honest with pricing, highly regarded with strong business ethics and financially stable.

Shop and Compare Electricity Prices - [New Window] - When you move to a new area, it's not always clear who provides your electric power. If you live in a deregulated market, you have the power to choose your provider and order new service, transfer existing service or switch providers without interruption. WhiteFence can help you find the electric companies available in your area, view their monthly rates and order your service in minutes. All you have to do is enter your address to view the companies available to you. Then you can view contract terms, energy types, incentives and more.

Texas Electricity Comparison - [New Window] - ElectricityTexas takes the hassle out of ordering electric service for your home. Just a few simple clicks and you can compare companies, rates and more. After you've chosen a provider just a few more steps and you will have your service connected.

TrueCost - [New Window] - TrueCost is electricity shopping made for you. We can use your home or small business' past usage along with the features you'd like to see in a plan -- like green content or rewards points -- and rank them in our system to match your expectations. Plus, our cost projections detail each plan with all fees, taxes and pass-through charges included, so you'll understand the estimated true cost of the plans you're considering before you sign up.

UK Energy Compare Gas Prices Electricity Prices - [New Window] - UK energy consumers now have a wide choice of gas, electricity, dual fuel and other home utility suppliers with most claiming low prices. Ask more questions, compare Prices - Use the calculators to do a comparison of costs, be confused no longer, and switch and save. It costs nothing to ask.