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Business Credit Insurance

Business Credit Insurance

Atradius Credit Insurance - [New Window] - With decades of experience and a wealth of risk assessment knowledge, Atradius offers a comprehensive range of credit management solutions that protect businesses of all sizes against the commercial and political risks inherent in domestic and global trade.

By insuring trade receivables, our customers reduce exposure to bad debt, ensuring a more stable cash flow and effectively turning risk capital into growth capital. Our focus is on expanding our product portfolio with innovative credit management solutions and product enhancements.

Coface - [New Window] - Coface pays you an indemnity to soften the impact of the loss incurred. Once the payment arrears is ascertained, our experts step in to collect the receivable from your buyer. We implement proven collection techniques in order to maximise the chances for successful collection. This made by Coface" protection is based on a powerful prevention system: our experts are working around the globe to analyse the financial strength of companies and anticipate payment arrears. Through this continuous review, we provide feedback on part or all of the customer portfolio in a spirit of complementarity and partnership with you.

Euler Hermes ACI - [New Window] - Euler Hermes ACI provides domestic and export trade credit insurance for small, medium and large companies in all industries.

Having a business trade credit insurance policy (also called accounts receivable insurance) allows you to sell with confidence, safeguarding your company against the consequences of domestic or overseas customer insolvency and non-payment. This accounts receivable protection gives companies a competitive advantage because they can often increase credit lines to customers.

First Capital Business Credit Protection - [New Window] - Through no fault of your own, your company may face sudden cash flow problems as the result of your customers' financial difficulties. Credit protection can solve this problem by defending your accounts receivable from customer bad debts.

First Capital will establish and maintain lines of credit for your customers and if your approved customers default, First Capital will pay you.

Global Commercial Credit - [New Window] - Business credit insurance is a financial tool that reduces the risk of an unexpected credit loss. It is an insurance policy custom tailored by a financial professional to meet individual client situations. The policy typically runs for 12 months, and covers losses on goods and services shipped during the policy period.

It is critical to the success of any credit risk management program to have a clear understanding of the strategic and operational implications credit insurance has on the company. Expert advice on how to best structure a program, based on the desired outcomes, is important. Assistance preparing for a quote, and evaluating credit insurance policies and carriers is advisable.

One Source Credit Risk Insurance - [New Window] - Your accounts receivable is one of your company's most valuable assets, and at the same time, the most vulnerable to unexpected loss. No matter how efficient your credit function is, uncontrollable events can impact your bottom line. When your customer can't pay, credit insurance will.

Credit Insurance protects your business from losses due to customer insolvency, protracted default (slow payment) and Political Risk events.

Trade Risk Group Business Credit Insurance - [New Window] - Whether you know it as business credit insurance, trade risk insurance, accounts receivable insurance, or by any other name, you know one thing for certain – you can't afford to have your clients default on what they owe your business.

Trade Risk Group knows the complexities of credit insurance, the many policy variables, and how it can best serve your business. Their over forty years of combined experience focusing just on credit insurance have enabled Trade Risk Group to get to the heart of the matter – protecting your bottom line – quickly and effectively.

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