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Call Center Jobs

Call Center Crossing - [New Window] - Only CallCenterCrossing searches, organizes, and displays every call center job it can find on the Internet (from 10,000-plus websites) for you. See what everyone in industry is talking about, why we are the fastest growing employment site in America, and why we will change the way you look for a job (or just research the job market) forever. Unlike other sites, CallCenterCrossing does not charge employers to post jobs and actually goes out and finds call center jobs.

Call Center Jobs - [New Window] - Resumes Bank: Post Jobs for call center sales, customer help desk, CRM service, collection, ecommerce, customer support manager, telemarketing and work from home employment.

Call Center Ops - [New Window] - Call Center Ops.com focuses on call center operations. The site contains call center jobs, forum, resources for call centers, magazines and newsletters about call centers, call center seminars and events.