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Mining and Drilling

Australian Mining Reference - [New Window] - Your Premier Australian Mining Directory. The Mining Directrory contains listings for Mining Companies, Mining Equipment / Product Suppliers, Mining Engineers and other Mining Service Providers. Come on in for all your mining needs.

Geolisting: Mining Properties - [New Window] - A free bulletin board for posting mining properties available for sale or option worldwide.

Gold Miner's Headquarters - [New Window] - The Gold Miner's Headquarters is an International recreational gold mining directory. The largest listings of clubs and gold mining related businesses in the world.

Goldsheet Mining Directory - [New Window] - The GOLDSHEET Mining Directory is a Comprehensive Mining Resource featuring links to thousands of mining sites worldwide. Includes links to mining companies, gold newsletters, stock exchanges, gold mutual funds, mining products, mining services, prospecting sites, historical sites, government agencies, industry associations, and educational institutions. Sector reports on silver, platinum, South Africa, diamond mining, and an Australian page are available.

InfoMine - [New Window] - Worldwide mining portal. Lists mining companies, suppliers, and mineral properties, searchable by a range of corporate, exploration and production parameters. Also provides news and information concerning all aspects of mining and mineral exploration.

Iran Mining - [New Window] - Iran mining and related industries information center

Mine Links - [New Window] - 10000 links to companies, consultants, suppliers and organizations of mining industry. Mining links to alluvial mining, hard rock mining, gold mining, diamond mining, and mining of base metals. In addition to mineral industry links, this mining directory of web links offers links to mines, exploration projects, natural resources, mining education at leading universities, and web sites related to mining or mineral industry. This web site is created by a mining professional dedicated to development of mining of mineral resources, especially alluvial mining of gold and diamond, and exploration for natural resources. A mining enthusiast or a mining professional can find links to mines and companies situated in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The majority of mining links lead to Canadian, Australian, American or other companies operating in all corners of the world. Special attention is placed on providing professionals of geology, geophysics, and mining engineers with a database of mining resources with global information. Offers for jobs, or a job in mining job market are posted regularly in Miner's exchange database. To help in finding a mineral industry job, mining links directory accepts free submission of resumes from geologists, geophysicists, mining engineers and anyone involved, or wishing to get involved, in mining, exploration, exploitation, evaluation and mining of gold, diamonds, base metals, petroleum, oil, gas, aggregates, or other natural resources. When you are searching for sources of mining equipment, heavy equipment, mineral recovery or drilling, you must use mine links directory. This web site offers database of mineral properties for anyone interested to start an exploration or mining project for gold, diamonds or any other precious metal, base metal, precious stones or just stones. Alluvial mining and alluvial exploration in South America, Amazon basin, are given a prominent space. Why? I lived over a decade in Amazonian jungle with garimperos and amerindians.

MineMarket.com - [New Window] - Mineral property, claim listing, and mining prospect registry providing a medium through which prospectors, exploration companies and major mining corporations can evaluate and market mineral properties worldwide.

Mining Technology - [New Window] - website for the mining industry which includes industry projects, products and services,A-Z company index,industry news releases,exhibitions and conferences, and a newsletter registration.

MiningUSA.com - [New Window] - Mining industry directory.

Western Miner - [New Window] - Western Miner is a Mining Investment Properties Directory of mining claims offered for sale, trade, lease, joint venture, etc. by independent prospectors. A prospect is not a mine until it has been developed, and here-in lays the risk, that can lead to greater rewards. Most prospectors do not have the business and financial skills necessary for the development of a property. Hence, this site. A meeting place for those looking to "strike it rich!" All designed to intice readers, even if they have never thought about mineral exploration, to take a look at what we can offer in the WesternMiner Database.