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California Coast University - [New Window] - The Master of Science Degree Program in Psychology Degree Program is a self-paced learning program, which may be completed totally off campus. Study programs are not structured in semesters, quarters or terms, allowing students to begin their degree programs at any time during the year.

California Southern University - [New Window] - California Southern University has been offering distance education and online degree programs since 1978.

The Master of Science (MS) in Psychology offers a wide range of academic and professionally oriented psychology courses. This degree is offered in response to a strong demand from students and industry leaders for a degree that is designed for those interested in pursuing a strong theoretical foundation in psychology that can be applied to related fields such as sports psychology, pastoral counseling, life coaching, and trainers in business and industry.

This program places an emphasis on science and research and in obtaining practical experience in a non-clinical setting. The MS in Psychology offers an alternative to the MA in Psychology. The MS is designed to be generally applicable to related fields but does not lead to licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. The curriculum covers both the theoretical knowledge needed to offer integrated services that can be applied to sport psychology, pastoral counseling, life-coaching, and consultation in business and industry.

Department of Psychology at Utah State University - [New Window] - The Department of Psychology at Utah State University is internationally known for its innovative research, teaching, and scholarship.

Through distance education, Utah State University extends its reach to provide courses and degrees in formats that make higher education accessible to students throughout Utah and around the world.

The degree you earn through USU Regional Campuses and Distance Education is exactly the same as if you were a regular on-campus student; your degree is from Utah State University.

Drexel University - [New Window] - Our online psychology degree program focuses on learning how to frame questions and discover useful answers regarding human behavior, cognition and emotion.

Full time Drexel University faculty are your instructors in the online psychology courses. The Department of Psychology is at the forefront in areas like neuropsychology, forensic psychology, cognitive neuroscience, health and clinical psychology. Students find they have superior training for direct entry or future graduate study in such applied fields as business, the health sciences, forensics and law, education, counseling, and applied neurosciences.

Online Bachelor's Degree in Psychology features and benefits: Fully accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Totally Online - you never have to come to campus to take courses. Emphasis is placed on experiential learning with modules devoted to direct, hands-on, practical psychology. Sequences in statistics and research methodology, key skills for finding employment opportunities in research and corporate settings. Small classes with direct access to scholarly and responsive faculty. Complete the psychology program at the pace that fits into your lifestyle. Take one online course per term up to a full time credit load (12 or more credits per quarter). Ideal stepping stone for advanced training in health sciences and related fields. Special tuition for Drexel's Corporate and Community College Partners seeking online degrees in psychology.

The online Psychology degree program is designed to be convenient, but it is just as rigorous and challenging as Drexel's campus-based courses. Participants in these online courses take the same curriculum and receive the same Drexel degree as classroom students.

Fielding School of Psychology - [New Window] - Fielding's School of Psychology occupies a unique niche in graduate and post-graduate education for psychologists. For over 30 years, our programs have led the way in promoting a pioneering distributed learning model for adult professionals. We create flexible opportunities for individuals with career, family, and community responsibilities to achieve their educational goals.

The School of Psychology’s community of scholar-practitioners embraces diverse approaches to theory, research, and practice. Our student-centered faculty serves as partners in the quest for knowledge, collaborating with students in a collegial atmosphere.

Our doctoral program in Clinical Psychology has been accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) since 1991.

Grand Canyon University Online: Bachelor of Science in Psychology - [New Window] - The psychology major offers a broad array of courses that increase our understanding of human actions in the past and present. With this understanding comes the responsibility to improve our relationships with others and to help others to achieve similar understanding and insight into their own behaviors.

The program helps prepare the student for entry-level positions in agencies and organizations which seek to help those in need. It should be understood that the requirements for employment in many positions in the helping professions include advanced education beyond the bachelor’s degree.

Harold Abel School of Psychology at Capella University - [New Window] - The online psychology PhD specialization offers you the opportunity to create an individualized, academic-track program designed to meet your professional goals and research interests. Choose established areas of psychological study such as addiction, family, or health psychology, or design an interdisciplinary program that blends psychology with education, business, or human services courses. People who choose this specialization are often pursuing faculty or administrative training positions in higher education, business or the military, or careers in consulting, institutional research, or program evaluation or administration.

Kansas State University - [New Window] - The Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master's degree is offered via distance education. This innovative program allows you, the human resource professional, to continue your career while pursuing an advanced degree. Through on-campus short courses and online courses, you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in today's rapidly changing and increasingly complex world of human resources.

The Industrial/Organizational Psychology program provides working professionals with convenient access to a renowned university. During their studies students have the opportunity to apply new human resource concepts and analytical tools to on-the-job decisions.

Kansas State University's Psychology Department is nationally and internationally known as a provider of quality graduate education in industrial/organizational psychology. The Division of Continuing Education is a national leader in distance education programming. Combining these strengths results in a high quality, professional, and relevant degree.

Mercy College - [New Window] - Students majoring in Psychology at Mercy College may graduate with a BA or BS in Psychology. For either degree, students must complete six required psychology courses and six elective psychology courses.

The department offers an extensive array of more than 50 courses so students may take several electives relevant to their career choice. Courses are offered in many areas of psychology such as: child psychology, abnormal psychology, conflict resolution, social psychology, substance abuse, aging, gender role dynamics and a variety of contemporary issues such as family violence, sports psychology, stress management and forensic psychology.

Psychology majors have the opportunity for hands-on training and practical experience in several exciting internship placements in a number of human service agencies. For qualified students, an honors program is available. For students interested in research, there is the Career Opportunities in Research Undergraduate Institutional Training Program (COR). This program provides disadvantaged students with the opportunity and support services they need to pursue graduate school and research careers in mental health

Newport University - [New Window] - It is the mission of Newport University to provide quality education and professional training adapted to the needs of mature adults. Faculty in both undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of Business Administration, Human Behavior/Psychology and Law provide this instruction.

The University also fosters the value of a lifelong commitment to learning. Newport does this through innovative programs that reduce barriers while maintaining the standards of quality. Toward this end, we have created programs that address the needs of society without limiting the educational delivery system. Our challenge is to assist the student in developing a program around individual interests and the synthesis of thinking and learning.

Our faculty will provide a guided inquiry into the areas of knowledge, which is to challenge attitudes, beliefs and value systems. The student should successfully acquire and demonstrate breadth and depth of intellectual analytical and critical thinking along with self-expression.

Northcentral University School of Psychology - [New Window] - NCU’s online psychology degree program online is designed to provide working professionals the opportunity to understand key psychological principles and practices and their application within diverse settings. Whether you aspire to a career in business and industry, healthcare, or private practice, you will develop competencies and skills that will enhance your personal confidence and expand your opportunities.

With our online psychology degree program online, NCU Learners are able to learn from the comfort of their home or workplace and continue to balance family, career, and education. Our Faculty Mentors are professionals with rich practical and academic experience who are skilled in guiding you through your chosen degree program.

Through our online psychology degree program, NCU offers undergraduate and graduate degrees with key specializations, including Marriage and Family Therapy, to help you build your professional credentials.

Northwestern State University - [New Window] - The Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology degree program is designed to allow students to enhance their communication skills, gain a knowledge of science, acquire an understanding of self and others, better understand complex ethical issues, and become sensitive to the similarities and differences among individuals. Students also have the option, within the degree program requirements, of obtaining a Certificate of Completion designed to help students gain certification in substance abuse and prevention counseling. This four-year, online degree program provides students with flexibility in earning their degree around busy home and work schedules.

Pacific Graduate School of Psychology - [New Window] - Pacific Graduate School of Psychology is a private school founded in 1975 and located in Palo Alto, California that offers graduate degrees in psychology.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has accredited all Pacific Graduate School of Psychology degrees, including the Distance Learning MS in Psychology. Pacific Graduate School of Psychology also offers a Ph.D. and Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. The American Psychological Association has accredited the Ph.D. program since 1988.

Regent University School of Psychology and Counseling - [New Window] - Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling at Regent University’s School of Psychology and Counseling.

This exciting new degree is a high-demand addition to the quality programs we offer, meeting the needs of students preparing to become competent mental health counselors through a program that also includes a Christian integration, but need to complete their studies at a distance. Students can complete their program with either a clinical mental health or school counseling focus, with the option of completing both emphasis areas.

Enrollment is limited to allow close student-faculty interaction, and despite the convenience of on-line learning, this program is just as challenging and rigorous as our on-campus programs.

Ryokan College - [New Window] - Online Programs via the Internet are collaborative/interactive courses in asynchronous (written assignments, emails & discussion boards) and synchronous (virtual classroom) platforms incorporating audio and visual elements (microphone and camera), Power Point presentations, surveys, spontaneous questions and eboard drawing. Online programs mirror the campus programs in course content with the only difference arising from the pace of the schedule.

Online programs are NOT correspondence endeavors where the student receives downloads of information in a sterile model of academic learning. Online programs require active participation from class members and faculty and are created for students whose time and distance from the college preclude participation on campus.

In the Online program, faculty members are selected both for their expertise as practicing clinicians who enjoy teaching AND for their proficiency in working within the computer environment of the Internet. Academic transcripts are identical for on campus and online programs. Students contribute to the online courses through 3 main avenues: chat room, discussion boards and written assignments. Other features support these contributions (i.e., course documents, internet links, staff information, announcements, online library).

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