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Baylor University High School Summer Science Research Program - [New Window] - The purpose of the High School Summer Science Research Program (HSSSRP), an annual program established in 1991, is to give superior high school students hands-on research experience by working on research projects with Baylor University science professors in many disciplines. The research program occurs during the University's first session of summer school and is open to students the summer between their junior and senior year of high school.

Boston University Summer Programs for High School Students - [New Window] - Preview college life during Boston University Summer Term this summer. Exciting two- and six-week summer programs for High School Students.

Columbia College Chicago : High School Summer Institute - [New Window] - Columbia College's High School Summer Institute offers college level courses that are specifically tailored for high school students interested in exploring and expanding their ideas and skills in the arts and communications. Admission to the High School Summer Institute is open to students who will have completed their sophomore, junior, or senior year and have not yet matriculated to college.

Columbia University Summer High School Program - [New Window] - A pre-college high school program for students entering grades 9-12 who are interested in intensive summer study, in New York City, Barcelona, or Middle East.

Cornell Summer Program - [New Window] - Cornell University Summer Program offers a wide variety of programs to meet your interests and scheduling needs. Depending upon whether you are a sophomore, junior, or senior in high school, you can, attend Cornell for three or six weeks, earn an average of three to six credits, and concentrate on college courses and careers in fourteen different subject areas.

Georgetown University Summer Programs for High School Students - [New Window] - Imagine the difference a summer at Georgetown can make for your high school performance, for your college applications, and for the rest of your life. Admission to any of the high school programs offered by Georgetown University is on a rolling basis. Applications are reviewed as they are received and admissions decisions are made immediately. As enrollment is limited, it is critical to submit applications early.

Harvard Summer School - [New Window] - Every summer, more than 1,000 motivated high school students from the United States and abroad who have completed their 10th, 11th, or 12th year attend the Harvard summer session and experience college life. Testing out the responsibilities of college will give you the confidence to succeed as you finish your secondary school career and enter the next phase of your life. Alongside undergraduate students, you will explore subjects not available at your high school and earn college credit in college-level courses. You will work with distinguished faculty, use well-equipped labs, and study in the largest university library system in the world.

Landmark College High School Summer Session - [New Window] - The summer program for high school students features a variety of courses to choose from. Every student will take three courses. Students should take a balance of courses suited to their needs, desires and abilities. We recommend that students who want a heavier load of reading and writing select courses that are described as having a strong reading and writing component. Students who prefer less academics should choose the more experiential courses with less reading and writing. Not everyone learns the same way. Our experience in working with students who learn differently has shown that understanding how students learn can make a big difference in their grades, and ultimately, in their success in school. This program encourages students to develop a lifelong appreciation of learning through experiential and practical activities.

Michigan Technological University Summer Youth Program - [New Window] - The Michigan Technological University Summer Youth Programs (SYP) will introduce you to careers and allow you to develop new skills through laboratory, classroom, and field experiences. The program includes more than seventy one-week explorations, scheduled over multiple weeks. You may attend only one exploration per week, but can register for multiple weeks. A full schedule of weekend activities are planned for you if you are enrolled for consecutive weeks.

NASA Summer High School Apprenticeship Research Program - [New Window] - The NASA Summer High School Apprenticeship Research Program (SHARP) offers a select group of students the opportunity to participate in an intensive science and engineering apprenticeship program. SHARP is a commuter program for local high school students. A residential program is also available to high school students throughout the country. The students selected must demonstrate an aptitude for and an interest in science, mathematics, and engineering careers.

Rice University Summer School - [New Window] - Enrichment courses give students the opportunity to explore new fields and prepare for future studies. Courses are designed to highlight students’ strengths and to enrich their experiences. Participants in this program receive narrative evaluations but no grades or credits. Skills courses supplement the enrichment program in teaching the kinds of skills necessary to perform well in school. The Credit Program offers high school courses regularly given in most Texas schools and approved by the Texa Education Agency through Spring Branch Independent School District. Grades are given for each course and may become a part of the student's overall grade point average.

Stanford University High School Summer Programs - [New Window] - 2008 Stanford Summer Programs at Stanford University include High School Summer College program and open admission to undergraduate and graduate visiting college students and adults in Stanford Summer Session. Current high school juniors and seniors are eligible to apply; applications from accomplished and mature high school sophomores will also be considered. Students must be at least age 16 by the start of the academic quarter.

Taft Summer School Program - [New Window] - The Taft Summer School seeks students interested in striving for excellence. Students should be willing to conduct themselves maturely, both inside and outside the classroom, or they will not be able to take advantage of the challenging academic program. The atmosphere of the Summer School is informal, but the program is designed with the expectation that each student will be willing to work hard to enhance his/her academic profile. Experience has shown that students who are unwilling to make a commitment to their work should not consider spending a summer at Taft.

Tufts University Summer Study - [New Window] - Summer is a time to relax, but it's also a time to look ahead to what comes after high school. Challenge yourself by enrolling in a unique program at Tufts University for highly motivated rising high school juniors and seniors. Improve your writing and critical thinking skills, explore the fields of medicine and health care, discover global dimensions to personal ethics and justice, or earn undergraduate credit.

UNC Chapel Hill Summer School - [New Window] - any high school graduate who is qualified to do competitive college work can apply as a visiting student. Rising high school seniors on the honor roll can also apply.

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