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American Alumni Directory - [New Window] - The alumni gateway for all K-12 schools. Containing a fully interactive alumni web site for each of America's K-12 schools.

American School Directory - [New Window] - Search engine for America's K-12 schools.

Awesome Library - [New Window] - K-12 education directory. Organizes carefully reviewed K-12 education resources, the top 5 percent for teachers, students, parents, and librarians.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - [New Window] - Directory of education related sites.

Content Knowledge - [New Window] - Searchable database of standards and benchmarks for K-12 education.

Edna Educational Network Australia - [New Window] - Directory of primary and secondary education resources in Australia. All sites have been reviewed, evaluated and indexed before they are added. This site is sponsored by the Australian Education Department.

Education Index - [New Window] - A guide to education-related sites on the Web.

Education Planet - [New Window] - Searchable education web guide. It helps teachers, students and parents find a wide variety of the best educational resources available on the web from top websites, software, videos and supplies to lesson plans, maps, news and books.

Education World - [New Window] - Education directory.

EnviroEducation.com - [New Window] - The Environmental Education Directory. EnviroEducation.com has the fastest direct links to environmental education related web sites and email worldwide. Search by program or location.

Find Tutorials - [New Window] - Tutorials search engine.

Free Worksheets and Educational Resources - [New Window] - Index to free worksheets and educational resources.

free-ed.net - [New Window] - Directory of free online courses, tutorials, study guides and lessons in 120 academic and vocational/technical topic areas.

Furbello.com - [New Window] - Provides an interactive online learning portal for Internet users seeking guidance and evaluation about online learning resources.

Gateway to Eductional Material - [New Window] - Directory of high quality Internet lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources.

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