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Movies search engines, portals, and directories.


Internet Movie Database - [New Window] - Online movie database covering over 200,000 titles and 750,000 people with facts, trivia, reviews plus multimedia links from the earliest films to the latest releases.

AllMovie - [New Window] - A comprehensive film and TV database featuring in-depth reviews, biographies and descriptive content.

Cinema Review - [New Window] - Provides the movie information you need to make informed movie choices. Find movie reviews, movie content, moviegoer opinions, and more. Use the custom search tool to find movies that fit your exact tastes.

Cinema Sites - [New Window] - Directory of movie and TV resources thoughtfully organized and annotated by a film industry professional.

CinemaSpot.com - [New Window] - Simplifies search for top movie-related resources. Easily find movie reviews, showtimes, trivia, movie quotes and history, movie stars, directors, film festivals, movie trailers, box-office charts, industry resources, award winners and more.

Drive-In Theater - [New Window] - List of operating theatres, history and more.

DriveinMovie.com - [New Window] - Guide to Drive-ins and Drive-in movies, films, outdoor theatres and cinemas; oldest focalpoint on the Internet for Drive-ins and the history of Drive-in theatres.

Film-Makers.com - [New Window] - A search engine featuring exclusively movie-related links.

Filmbug - [New Window] - Filmbug is a complete movie star guide with detailed information on over 10,000 actors, directors, screenwriters and other celebrities. With biographies, facts, filmographies, quotes, photos and forums.

FilmFestivals.com - [New Window] - A portal into the universe of cinema via its actors, directors and films being shown at film festivals all over the world. Search for film festivals by country, date, or name.

Hollywood Creative Directory - [New Window] - The many directories that make up the Hollywood Creative Directory catalogue, commonly known as "the phone books to Hollywood," offer the most comprehensive, up-to-date information available, listing the names, numbers, addresses and current titles of entertainment professionals from the film, television and music industries. This "insider's guide to the insiders" has been a must-have for anyone seriously considering a career in the entertainment business. Just like the business itself, the HCD database is always growing. The current catalogue includes the Hollywood Creative Directory, the Hollywood Representation Directory, the Hollywood Distribution Directory and the Hollywood Music Industry Directory.

IndustryCentral - [New Window] - Directory of links to motion picture and television related web sites.

Movie Glimpse - [New Window] - The purpose of Movieglimpse is to help connect the movies that touch your heart with the deeper truths that are revealed in them.

Movie Review Query Engine - [New Window] - Provides a searchable index of all published and available movie reviews.

MovieClicks.com - [New Window] - Directory of official websites for all the latest movies, plus reviews from people like you.

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