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Music search engines, portals, and directories.


Yahoo! Music - [New Window] - Search to find a wealth of information on your favorite artists including music downloads, news, reviews, and more.

album-art-search - [New Window] - Search for album and cod covers art.

All Music Guide - [New Window] - Online catalog of albums compiled by music critics from Rolling Stone, Billboard, and other music magazines.

Whether you’re visiting allmusic to look up an out-of-print recording, to get our take on a new release, or simply to explore the world of music and see where it may lead, this is the place.

CC Music - [New Window] - The CCMusic web site is a collection of a number of Christian music resources, including a list of links to Christian music sites, christian musical artists sites, concert listings, and even discussion areas about specific Christian artists.

CDDB - [New Window] - Database of audio CD title, track and song name information. Allows your computer to display album, artist and song names right on the screen as your CD plays.

LaGuitare.com - [New Window] - French speaking portal dedicated to guitarists.

Listen.com - [New Window] - The music download directory. We help you find downloadable music on the Internet.

Local Music Directory - [New Window] - Directory of independent musicians websites and musicians resources categorized by city and musical style.

Melody Catcher - [New Window] - Have a song stuck in your head? Melody Catcher makes it easy to enter a melody (even if you don't know how to play the piano) and search for it on the Internet.

Massive and ever increasing volumes of music are available online. As long as titles or names of composers, performers or artists are known, it's easy to find related information. If only the melody is remembered, however, common search engines fail to provide any results.

With the Melody Catcher, we aim to make melody searching accessible for the broad public.

Music Resources - [New Window] - Directory of music resources.

Music Review - [New Window] - Music industry search engine.

Music Searcher - [New Window] - Search for artist and record information.

Music-Sites.net - [New Window] - Music-Sites.net is the ultimate music directory with a huge links-directory, forum, chat, topsite-rankings, news, newsgroups, radio-stations and lots of more.

Musical Online - [New Window] - MusicalOnline is a directory service for musicians, artists, managers, scholars, and educators, allowing potential audiences to access a variety of information free of charge. MusicalOnline will display arts-related sites and information. Furthermore, MusicalOnline hosts an on-line concert hall, the Web Concert Hall, and publishes arts and classical music related on-line magazine, MusicalOnline Magazine.

The purpose of the Web Concert Hall is to provide access to classical music performance for those people who find it difficult, if not, impossible to attend and enjoy the classical music performance due to their location of dwelling.

Rock Source - [New Window] - A searchable music directory, daily update music news, charts, mp3's, internet radio.

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