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All Magic Guide - [New Window] - Magic directory.

Blinkx Video Search Engine - [New Window] - Unlike other multimedia search engines that attempt to re-purpose technology built for the Text Web, blinkx uses a unique combination of patented conceptual search, speech recognition and video analysis software to efficiently, automatically and accurately find and qualify online video. Today, blinkx is the world’s largest single index of rich media content on the Web, delivering more content from a broader range of sources than either Google or Yahoo!

Celebrities Worldwide - [New Window] - A directory of actors and actresses listed in alphabetical order.

EntsWeb - [New Window] - Directory of entertainment, entertainers, music and musicians plus leisure activities, tourism and pastimes.

Halloween Directory - [New Window] - A Halloween portal listing costumes, props, projects and more.

Horror.net - [New Window] - The web's deadliest horror network & search engine. Search through the best horror sites here in our search engine and directory.ent="Never">

HorrorFind.com - [New Window] - The all horror search engine and directory. Listings of haunted attractions and sites. Free horror email, horrorfieds, virtual horror cards and more.

NativeCelebs - [New Window] - Directory of Native actors, singers and other artists.

RadioTower.com - [New Window] - Radio and music listings on our internet radio station guide. RadioTower makes it easy to listen to internet radio and free music online.

Star Seeker - [New Window] - Links and information for popular culture topics.

Streambox.com - [New Window] - A media portal of streaming audio and video links. Provides services for media searching and directory services. Search by author, title and copyright holder.

Yidio - [New Window] - Ever had trouble finding the one video you were looking for? Yidio is here to solve this problem! With hundreds of millions of videos currently on the Web, and millions more are uploaded daily, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the video you are looking for. Yidio's sole mission is to make searching for quality videos fast and easy.