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AskCity - [New Window] - AskCity is a search service that allows you to find Businesses, Movie Listings and Events for most cities in the U.S. Find addresses, phone numbers and reviews for businesses, service providers and attractions. Get showtimes, reviews and ticket information for movies and events. You can purchase tickets for an event and make reservations to a restaurant as well as getting directions.

Citysearch - [New Window] - Citysearch is a leading online lifestyle guide with the most up-to-date information on businesses, from restaurants and spas, to hotels and retail. Citysearch helps people make informed decisions about where to spend their time and money by delivering trusted content, local expertise, and useful tools -- including 14.5 million business listings, over 600,000 user reviews, and ratings on over 2 million business locations nationwide.

ClikitySplit - [New Window] - ClikitySplit is the world wide web's first and only visual, rich multi-media, dynamic, interactive, marketing and "find" engine. It is both the end user's dream come true(visual, easy-to-use, powerful sorting features, etc.), and the advertiser's magic bullet (rich multimedia tools + 10,000 characters of text).

Genieknows.com - [New Window] - Review restaurants, hotels and other places of interest. GenieKnows Canada and US local search engine will help you find what you want, where you want it. Over 20 million local business reviews and listings across Canada and the United States.

Kudzu - [New Window] - Kudzu's powerful search tools can help you quickly narrow down what you're looking for. Begin with a keyword and a geographic location, then dive deep into the results by using our powerful tools to narrow your search to specific kinds of specialties or offerings — even professional qualifications. You'll quickly be able to find exactly the provider you need to get the job done — and find out what others think about that business' work. Find everything you need to make a decision Kudzu is full of all sorts of other helpful information about service professionals: Specialties, maps to their business locations, pictures of their work — even the hours that they're open. Best of all, Kudzu helps you find the best service providers for your needs by providing ratings and reviews written by other customers. You can quickly find out who your neighbors think are the top providers in each category, and read detailed descriptions of those businesses and frank, helpful reviews from customers with firsthand experience with these service professionals.

Local.com - [New Window] - Find local listings of businesses and services near you. Get driving directions, reviews and ratings, phone numbers, addresses and more on Local.com.

LocalSearch.com - [New Window] - LocalSearch.com is a Web site that allows you to find information on people, places, things and events near your desired location. Use it to find a friend's phone number or a local business that offers the product or service you need. LocalSearch.com goes beyond providing basic contact information. It also provides a wealth of detailed information on businesses, coupled with convenient maps and directions. It is the goal of LocalSearch.com Find It! to provide you with the most relevant results for your search. The more specific your search, the more relevant your results. For general searches, LocalSearch.com Find It! provides tools on the right margin so you can narrow down your choices to the listings that most closely fit your needs.

TrueLocal - [New Window] - TrueLocal is your free local search engine. It is an Internet business directory with brains leading you to your favorite brands, services and businesses. At TrueLocal, we strive for More Find. Less Search.

Tyloon - [New Window] - Tyloon.com is the first and only nationwide multilingual local search engine that both English speakers and non-English speakers can use to search for in-depth U.S. business information. There are other local search engines and yellow pages websites that have so called "multilingual support", but for them the concept is totally different. To these search engines, multiple languages mean different databases, multi-data feeds, or multi-information “pipelines”. This means that each database or data feed can still be searched in one language only, so it isn’t truly multilingual at all. That’s why when a user switches from one language to another on these websites, she is actually redirected to the homepage of another language. Tyloon.com is the only “Single Pipeline” multilingual local search engine in the world that enables different language groups to search the same database, so they can switch to a different language in any category of Tyloon.com without losing the page they are reading. This makes Tyloon’s "Single Pipeline" multilingual local search worthwhile and truly multi-lingual.

YellowSpaces - [New Window] - YellowSpaces is a website that lets you search for local businesses, anywhere, from your computer. It's local search, with a difference because it's like having local yellow pages from every city in the US within reach.

Yokel - [New Window] - Yokel is a search engine that makes local shopping easier than ever before. With one of the most comprehensive Internet directories of local stores and products, Yokel enables shoppers to quickly find what they are looking for in the town or city closest to them.