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Pay per click search engines.

Pay Per Click

Turbo10 - [New Window] - Search engine plus pay per click (PPC) advertising network.

7Search - [New Window] - A pay per ranking search engine that provides Web site information, including email addresses, location, age and site popularity.

ah-ha.com - [New Window] - Get clean, fast, relevant results. A family friendly search engine that provides a cleaner search by removing overtly adult content, i.e. pronography, hate sites, etc.

ePilot - [New Window] - A pay per click meta search engine that delivers relevant results with the highest bidding advertisersí sites at the top of the list.

Espotting - [New Window] - UK pay per click search engine.

Findit-Quick.Com - [New Window] - Search listings by keyword or browse by category. Provides advertisers pay per click listings.

goClick - [New Window] - Advertisers bid for placement in the search results to receive targeted traffic. With goClick, advertisers pay only for the traffic sent to their site, and they specify the exact amount they are willing to pay.

iBound - [New Window] - A pay per click search engine enabling you to rank your site #1 based on keywords. Bids start at $0.01 per keyword.

Kanoodle.com - [New Window] - With Kanoodle.com's bid-for-location search engine, Web site advertisers buy the location rights to appropriate keyword search terms for their site. After the paid-location Web sites are listed for a given keyword in the Kanoodle.com search engine, traditional search engine results follow.

LookQuick - [New Window] - LookQuick Internet advertising and marketing solutions. Includes pay per click, contextual advertising, affiliate network, and managed search engine.

LookSmart - [New Window] - LookSmart helps businesses of all sizes harness the power of search marketing to generate cost-effective sales leads. LookSmart search listings enable businesses to reach 77 percent or nearly four out of five U.S. Internet users.

Mamma.com - [New Window] - Mamma Classifieds is a bid-based pay per click engine, offering an auction and flat rate -based system for bidding on keywords. PPC advertisers get exclusive, top-three placement on Mamma.com and placement within the result set of Mamma's network partners. Mamma offers geo-targeting, enabling advertisers to choose the countries where they want searchers to see their advertisements.

Miva - [New Window] - MIVA provides a wide range of tools to help businesses grow, including performance based marketing products to help businesses find new customers and monetisation tools to help online publishers generate advertising revenue from their websites.

Search Europe - [New Window] - Pay per click search engine and directory for Europe and everything European.

SearchFeed.com - [New Window] - Searchfeed.com helps online advertisers attract targeted visitors while offering leading Web properties a greater opportunity to monetize Internet traffic. As an alternative to traditional forms of advertising, innovative search technology and content channels drive millions of advertiser introductions each month.