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About - [New Window] - Directory providing highly targeted topics overseen by subject specialists dedicated to helping you get what you want quickly and easily.

Ask Jeeves! - [New Window] - Search the web in plain English and receive a concise list of answers with their exact location.

Excite - [New Window] - General portal and search engine.

Google - [New Window] - A Search engine that provides query results based on the number and quality of links to a web site in addition to search terms.

HotBot - [New Window] - HotBot provides a streamlined yet powerful starting point for searching the Internet. FAST, Inktomi, and Teoma, results are provided.

Lycos - [New Window] - A leading web portal combining Web search and navigation resources, deep content in vertical areas, communications and personalization tools, and a complete shopping center.

Northern Light Search - [New Window] - Search engine which enables you to search the Web and information from premium sources. Web results are combined with information from premium material in one search, giving you access to books, magazines, databases, and newswires.


Switchboard - [New Window] - Internet directory. Yellowpages, whitepages, and phonebook. Look up businesses online, look up people, find addresses and phone numbers. Also provides zip codes, maps and directions.

Active Search Results - [New Window] - Active Search Results (ASR) is an independent Internet Search Engine using a proprietary page ranking technology with Millions of popular Web sites indexed. ASR has its own spiders visiting Web sites daily that are submitted to ASR and crawlers that index other popular Web sites on the Internet. Active Search Results does not depend on nor utilize any other search engines or directories for its search results. All search results are contained within Active Search Results' indexes and databases.

AOL Search

AtoZ.com - [New Window] - Categorized links of web sites.

Bing - [New Window] - Microsoft's search engine.

Cannylink - [New Window] - Web directory.

eFind.com - [New Window] - Search engine with an instant chance to win cash and prizes.

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