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Multimeta - [New Window] - General search engine.

Netscape - [New Window] - Netscape Search combines the Open Directory Project with other search partners.

Oggleus - [New Window] - Oggleus offers live indexing to bring you the most relevant information on the web in real time. Oggleus checks the performance of each web site it indexes in real time and uses it in measuring the relevancy of pages. Oggleus's goal is to help you find exactly what your looking for on your 1st results page. Weeding out the sponsored (paid) links, 404 errors, irrelevant content and most importantly indexing in realtime. Oggleus will require a few extra moments to reindex your search but will as a result display the most up to date search results the web has to offer.



Open Directory Project - [New Window] - The Open Directory Project's goal is to produce the most comprehensive human-reviewed directory of the web by relying on a vast army of volunteer editors.

OpenHere - [New Window] - Index and search engine.

Pengs.com Directory - [New Window] - Search engine and directory with 24hr weather, news, free email accounts and more. Kid safe. No adult content.

PepeSearch - [New Window] - Search engine and Internet portal. Find Web search, shopping, games, news, software, and more. Search the Web in several languages.

Qango - [New Window] - Search engine and web directory featuring multiple categories, free submissions, newsletters, and classified ads.

Reftopia - [New Window] - Reftopia is a search aggregator that brings you the latest web pages, news, images and more. With the auto-generated tag cloud that Reftopia creates for every query, you can see at a glance the related words and concepts that are 'hot' on the web.

Scrub the Web

Search Beat - [New Window] - Free web directory featuring quality resources.

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