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SearchHippo - [New Window] - Provides a crisp and clean web search experience. Results from spidered sites are ordered based on a variety of factors including link-to frequency, clicked-on frequency, and URL directory depth.

Searchme.com - [New Window] - Searchme lets you see what you're searching for. As you start typing, categories appear that relate to your query. Choose a category, and you’ll see pictures of web pages that answer your search. You can review these pages quickly to find just the information you're looking for, before you click through.

SunSteam Search & Directory - [New Window] - Search engine which also features quick news updates and several guides.

surfAlink - [New Window] - Directory of links to quality services and products.


Teoma - [New Window] - Delivers three types of search results: Web pages, Web pages by topic, and experts' links.

The Idea Web Portal - [New Window] - Web portal service providing a search engine, web directory, free e-mail, coupon savings and more with a minimum of disruptive advertising.

Walhello - [New Window] - A search engine and Web directory for the whole Internet.


WebLinksDirectory.net - [New Window] - Human-reviewed web directory organized by category. Submit URL for editor review today!

WorldLight - [New Window] - International search engine and web directory.

Yahoo! - [New Window] - A searchable directory of Internet web sites organized in a vast collection of categories and sub-categories.

Zakta - [New Window] - Zakta is a personal and social Web search engine where people can find, personalize, share and discover information from the Internet. Zakta helps the process of searching for information by letting people edit, save and share their results and then invite their community for feedback and insights.

Along with the traditional features expected in a web search engine, Zakta provides the following:

1. Organized search results. Zakta automatically presents results in logical categories: web sites, books, reference materials and subcategories relevant to the user's query. Zakta also suggests semantically related topics and subtopics to search.

2. Fully editable search results. Zakta's search results are completely editable and under the user's control. A user can delete results that aren't relevant. Drag-and-drop results to rearrange them, or add tags and annotations to any result.

3. Automatically saved searches. Zakta automatically saves all changes into a user's Zakta account so users benefit from their changes whenever they search again.

4. Tools to gather and save information from everywhere. Zakta provides tools like the Zakta ClipPad, the Zakta Plugin, and Zakta SearchPacks, to find information anywhere on the web and include it in the user's search process.

5. Easy knowledge sharing. Zakta enables users to share their results in the form of Zakta Guides, a rich, interactive social media tool.

6. Trusted collaboration. Users can invite other people they trust - such as colleagues, friends, or family members - to find information together and use a Zakta Guide as a living, collaborative document.

7. Topical recommendations. Zakta can help users stay informed on topics of interest through recommendations from people they trust on those topics.

Zakta meshes search technologies with automatic categorization, semantics, personalization, social media and social networking to deliver a solution to help people with their informational searches or deeper Web searches. This approach brings a lot of benefits to people using Zakta. Zakta users...

- Save time in finding information or doing their research

- Find the best information and keep it organized in one place

- Help others find good information, and benefit from others doing the same

- Get smarter faster and stay informed, by collaborating with others, and getting recommendations from people they trust

Zeal - [New Window] - User contributed and maintained directory featuring website ratings and reviews.


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