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CardPricer.com - [New Window] - CardPricer.com is the web's most comprehensive online baseball card price guide. Our software allows you to research cards, view cards, and organize cards in a way not previously possible. We put you in touch with the dealers, auction houses, and independent sellers who have the cards that you want. You get baseball card prices for every single publicly traded card -- regardless of where and when the transaction occurred.

Comics Price Guide - [New Window] - Over the past 13 years, with the help of numerous collectors, fans, and comic aficionados, the site now known as Comics Price Guide .com has emerged as the online comic book community that it is today. The website includes hundreds of publishers and thousands of individual comic book titles. The site has integrated a wide variety of technology since being founded and was recently named by Apple as their featured web application of the day for the iPhone on February 25, 2008. The company's use of technology and its ability to preserve real sales data is ideally suited to meet the challenges of the growing and ever changing comic book marketplace.

Diecast Registry - [New Window] - Our mission at Diecast Registry is to help you become a smarter diecast collector.

The purpose of the Diecast Registry.NET website is to supplement the diecast value price guide found at diecastregistry.com.

Our NASCAR diecast price guide will answer questions no longer found in Beckett's Diecast Price Guide or in the Diecast Digest price guide like: What is the value of my NASCAR diecast collection? How much is my NASCAR diecast worth? How much should I pay for a NASCAR diecast?

Diecast Registry - [New Window] - Diecast value price guide.

Go Motor Bids - [New Window] - Diecast auction site that can be used to determine diecast values.

Kovels - [New Window] - Kovels.com is a valuable source of information about collecting and antiques, and it’s supervised and written by experts. The website provides prices of more than 700,000 items--a FREE service. It also posts news about antiques and collecting, lots of reference information and a directory of appraisers, clubs and publications, matching services, auction houses, and services (like people who repair and restore antiques) and supplies (like special picture hooks). It is FREE to register to become a member of the Kovels.com community. Those who register receive a special weekly ezine, "Kovels Komments," with news updates about developments in the collecting world, information on marks and prices, and answers to readers' questions. Kovels.com provides an unbiased look at the collecting world. Terry Kovel, a lifelong collector, writes about the successes and joys of antiques and collecting at every level. The over 800,000 Kovels.com users receive breaking news on trends and prices by email and even more news is on the website’s homepage. Kovels.com also has a blog at kovels.blogspot.com and has pages on Flickr and MySpace, where you can see more collecting news and tips, along with Q & A's and advice from our readers.

Kovels.com - [New Window] - Antiques and collectibles pricing guide. Info on antique repair and restoration, auctions, directory for collectors with listings on appraisal services, collecting clubs and publications.

Music Price Guide : Rare Records Vinyl Lp and CD - [New Window] - Music price guide, rare records collectors price guide, a guide to vinyl and cd value.

Nascar Auctions - [New Window] - Everyone is invited to browse or Search through the auction categories and listings for items on Nascar Auctions. Great source for determining values.

Pop Culture Collectibles Guides - [New Window] - What's that stuff in the attic worth? Check it out with the guides and more.

Popsike.com Record Price Guide - [New Window] - We are providing an archive of past auctions. Most of the records have been auctioned at ebay, certainly the largest auction house for rare vinyl records.

Online auction houses are a very popular method for buying or selling records. At popsike.com, you can check the final auction price that a certain record has brought. Although this might not be a true indication of the record's real value, it does show what collectors are paying for rare items.

There is no fixed price for a second-hand record, no matter how rare it is. The price of a rare record is purely determined by what people are prepared to pay for it.

Price Guide For Rare Vinyl Records - [New Window] - These pages are a price guide for Rare or Vintage records. This record pricing guide will help you to estimate the value of your current vinyl record collection.

ToyMart Price Guide - [New Window] - ToyMart price guide currently values over 8000 collectors toys and models including Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys, Matchbox Toys and others. Browse through the guide using the search facility and you will discover a wealth of information on collectors toys and models. Value your models and quickly find other sites to help you build or sell your collection.

Tuff Stuff Baseball Cards Price Guide - [New Window] - Get up-to-date pricing from Tuff Stuff magazine for all baseball collectibles ... for free. Our baseball price guide contains everyone from Mickey Mantle to Ryan Braun and every manufacturer from Topps to Upper Deck to Fleer, Donruss and more.

Tuff Stuff Racing Cards Price Guides - [New Window] - Get up-to-date pricing from Tuff Stuff magazine for all racing collectibles ... for free. Maxx to Press Pass. Dale Earnhardt Sr. to Tony Stewart. You'll find it here.