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Alaska Hunting - [New Window] - Alaska hunting: in depth information about hunting in Alaska including valuable hunting links and linked pages.

Andinia.com - [New Window] - A search engine for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and nature lovers. In English and Spanish.

Boone and Buck Hunting Directory - [New Window] - Directory covers guides and outfitters, hunting tools, and more.

Colorado Hunting Directory - [New Window] - View a directory of Colorado hunting information, guides and outfitters in Buena Vista, Salida, Leadville, Twin Lakes, South Park.

fishing-hunting.com - [New Window] - Fishing and hunting directory service.

GoPlayOutdoors - [New Window] - Directory of outdoor recreation opportunities and tourism destinations in North America.

HuntGuide.com - [New Window] - Directory of hunting guides and hunting outfitters.

Outdoorsman.com - [New Window] - A search engine dedicated to the outdoor market. Search for sites dedicated to hunting, fishing, camping, firearms, hiking, climbing, boats, and vehicles.

Rod and Gun Club Directory - [New Window] - Directory of North America's rod and gun clubs, fish and game associations, sportsmen's clubs, hunt clubs, trap and skeet clubs, hunting/fishing preserves and similar organizations.

The Backpacking Directory - [New Window] - Backpacking and hiking links, backpacking reports, hiking trails, and backpacking gear.

The Outdoors Alaska-Online Magazine - [New Window] - An on-line magazine with articles and photos illustrating Alaska hunting and Alaska fishing.

Trail A1 Guide - [New Window] - List of hiking links.