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Phone Numbers and Addresses

411.ca - [New Window] - 411.ca - Canadian White and Yellow Business Pages.

555-1212 - [New Window] - Search area codes, white pages, yellow pages, reverse-look-up, international calling codes, international directories and e-mail addresses.

Addresses.com - [New Window] - Free People Search, Find addresses, people search, phone directory, white pages, email addresses, phone numbers, yellow pages & celebrity addresses.

AmeriCom Area Decoder - [New Window] - Area code lookup database.

AnyWho - [New Window] - A free directory service with residential, business, and government white and yellow pages listings. Listings feature name, telephone number, address, FAX, e-mail, home page, and toll-free numbers.

Dexonline - [New Window] - DexOnline.com yellow pages for accurate business listings, as well as residential and government listings, maps, driving directions, links to related sites and more.

Fone Finder - [New Window] - Telephone search engine that returns the city, state, and country of any phone number in the world.

Global Yellow-Pages - [New Window] - Directory of phone directories from around the world.

Infobel.com - [New Window] - World phone books, world yellow pages, world white pages, sometimes fax listings, email addesses and more. alphabetic, residential, classified, people, companies.

International Telephone Directories

MobilephoneNo.com - [New Window] - Mobile and cellular phone number directory for business and personal users. WAP enabled.

Pay Phone Directory - [New Window] - Directory of numbers for thousands of pay phones. It also has phone related pictures and sounds, and other useful pay phone information.

PeopleSearch.com - [New Window] - Search and find people's phone numbers, addresses, and more with PeopleSearch.com – including background checks and missing persons lookups.

PhoneNumbers.net - [New Window] - Directory of telephone, fax and e-mail directories from all over the world.

Reverse Address Directory - [New Window] - Lookup by street address to find a name and phone number from a reverse address lookup to see who lives there.

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