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50states.com - [New Window] - List of searchable search engines.

Abbreviations.com - [New Window] - Abbreviations.com is the world's largest and most comprehensive directory and search engine for acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms on the Internet. Abbreviations.com holds hundreds of thousands of entries organized by a large variety of categories from computing and the Web to governmental, medicine and business and it is expanding daily.

Acronym Finder - [New Window] - A searchable database of acronyms, abbreviations and meanings. Covers: common acronyms, computers, science, technology, government, telecommunications, and military acronyms.

alphaDictionary - [New Window] - An index of on-line dictionaries with dictionaries in more than 220 different languages. It includes glossaries of specialized terminology and other vocabulary aids. It also includes an index of on-line grammars and several pages of linguistic fun.

AnyWho - [New Window] - AnyWho is a free directory service with residential, business, and government white and yellow page listings.

Britannica - [New Window] - Features authoritative site reviews by Britannica editors and utilizes advanced search and retrieval technology to deliver accurate search results.

Bushel Bin Calculator - [New Window] - The Grain Bin/Bushel Calculator can easily be used to determine the number of bushels being stored in a bin. You will need to know: circumference (if bin is round), length and width (if bin is rectangular), grain height, grain peak height and actual test weight of the commodity.

California State Legislature Zip Code Search - [New Window] - Enter a California zip code to find what Legislators represent that area.

Convert.net - [New Window] - Convert.net is an online conversions calculator for a variety of unit measurements featuring natural language queries. You can use Convert.net to sum up a list of numbers, convert from pounds to kilograms, or evaluate any other mathematical expression. Convert.net can evaluate mathematical expressions involving basic arithmetic, advanced math and logic, and conversions of a large number of unit measurements in different fields.

Definitions.net - [New Window] - Definitions.net is an Online dictionary providing instant lookup and translations of word and phrase definitions, complete with images. To use the dictionary, simply type a word in the search box that appears at the top of every page and click the 'Search' button.

Find Alabama State Legislators By Zip Code - [New Window] - Enter your ZIP Code and click the search button. If you live in a split district (with more than one legislator), you will need to use your nine-digit ZIP Code (ZIP+4). If you don't know it, you will have the opportunity to enter your address to determine your legislators after clicking the search button.

FindHow - The How-To Search Engine - [New Window] - FindHow, the How-To search engine, focuses on indexing only high-quality How-To's, typically from well-known, recognized brand names or individuals. Many of these sources (often companies, government entities, or educational institutions) have other motives for providing information besides pure profits, and most have trusted, off-line brand name reputations to protect - which encourages them to focus on providing trustworthy and high-quality information.

Internet Intelligence Index - [New Window] - Links to intelligence-related Internet sites, covering everything from macro-economic data to individual patent and stock quote information.

North American Industry Classification System - [New Window] - The official U.S. Government searchable NAICS web site. NAICS is the North American Industry Classification System - the new industry classification that replaces the SIC - Standard Industrial Classification System.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary - [New Window] - OneLook's reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. Your description can be a few words, a sentence, a question, or even just a single word. Just type it into the box above and hit the "Find words" button. Keep it short to get the best results. In most cases you'll get back a list of related terms with the best matches shown first.

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