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WhitePages.com - [New Window] - WhitePages is your go-to source for the most reliable contact information online. With accurate information for almost 200 million U.S. adults, we make finding and connecting with others incredibly simple—and incredibly free.

Wordnik - [New Window] - Wordnik wants to be a place for all the words, and everything known about them.

Traditional dictionaries make you wait until they've found what they consider to be "enough" information about a word before they will show it to you. Wordnik knows you don't want to wait—if you're interested in a word, we're interested too!

Our goal is to show you as much information as possible, just as fast as we can find it, for every word in English, and to give you a place where you can make your own opinions about words known. By "information," we don't just mean traditional definitions (although we have plenty of those)! This information could be:

- An example sentence—even if we've only found one sentence for a word, we'll show it to you.
- Related words: not just synonyms and antonyms, but words that are used in the same contexts.
- Images tagged by our friends at Flickr: want to know what a "pout" looks like? We'll show you.
- Statistics: how rare is "tintinnabulation"?
- An audio pronunciation—and you can record your own.
- Something YOU tell us. Use the "Contribute" links to tell us something—anything—about a word.

World Flag Database - [New Window] - Database of world flags.

Zip Info - [New Window] - Free zipcode lookup with areacode, county, latitude, longitude, MSA, PMSA, congressional district, FIPS code, and timezone. Updated monthly.

Zip-Codes - [New Window] - Free zip code finder. Lookup ZIP codes by city, address, state, county, or area code and get all the zip codes.

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