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123India.com - [New Window] - Search engine for India.

BestIndianSites.com - [New Window] - Provides reviews of Indian web sites in various categories.

Dialindia.com - [New Window] - Guide to India featuring business, news, travel, employment, classifieds, penpals, etc.

Humlog - [New Window] - Portal site for Asian Indians with Indian (Hindi) music and movies, matrimonial services, events, white and yellow pages, career and job search, chat, events, and much more.

Indian Visit - [New Window] - Directory of travel, business, and information resources in India.

Jadoo - [New Window] - Indian search engine.

khoj - [New Window] - Indian search engine.

My-India - [New Window] - Search engine for India.

Nagpurvision - [New Window] - Nagpur directory.

Rediff On The NeT - [New Window] - Search engine for India. Provides news and entertainment service.