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Biology search engines, portals, and directories.


BiologyBrowser - [New Window] - Serves as a starting point for anyone seeking biology information on the Internet. BiologyBrowser features free resources and useful links, and provides a forum for connecting hundreds of researchers and information scientists worldwide.

BIOME - [New Window] - Offers free access to a searchable catalogue of Internet sites and resources covering the health and life sciences.

BioSites - [New Window] - A virtual catalog of selected Internet resources in the biomedical sciences.

Cell and Molecular Biology Online - [New Window] - Directory of resources for cell and molecular biologists.

Elephant Information Repository - [New Window] - Elephant links, elephant news, elephant conservation, and an in-depth look at the Elephant.

Genamics - [New Window] - Directory of resources for molecular biology and biochemistry.

Harvard Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology - [New Window] - Biology links.

Internet Directory for Botany - [New Window] - Index to botanical information available on the Internet.

Kingsnake.com - [New Window] - Portal for reptile and amphibian hobbyists.

National Biological Information Infrastructure - [New Window] - Provides access to data and information on the nation's biological resources.

Plants National Database - [New Window] - A single source of standardized information about plants. This database focuses on vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories. The database includes names, checklists, automated tools, identification information, species abstracts, distributional data, crop information, plant symbols, plant growth data, plant materials information, plant links, references, and other plant information.

Scott's Botanical Links - [New Window] - Provides useful botany education resources at the undergraduate college and advanced high school (AP-Biology) level. Sites are rated based on educational value, completeness and scientific accuracy.

Vadlo - [New Window] - Vadlo is brought to you by two biology scientists who wish to make it easier to locate biology research related information on the web.

Vadlo search engine caters to all branches of life sciences. VADLO allows users to search within five categories: Protocols, Online Tools, Seminars, Databases and Software.

Zoology Resources - [New Window] - A directory of Internet resources on Zoology.