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Genealogy search engines, portals, and directories.

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Ancestry.com - [New Window] - Collection of online searchable genealogy data. Includes SSDI, PERSI, global searching, maps, books, and more. From the expert to the beginner, there are resources, tips, and lessons that will assist you in your search for your family. New information added daily.

A Barrel of Genealogy Links - [New Window] - A hyperlinked listing of the finer genealogy sites around the world.

A Surname Site - [New Window] - Provides a directory of sites with names. Search ancestor archives for wills, obituaries, birth records, and other documents posted by visitors.

Cemetery Junction Directory - [New Window] - Internet directory of active and retired cemetery addresses and links for the United States.

Cemetery Records on the Internet - [New Window] - A database of cemetery records for genealogical research.

Censuslinks - [New Window] - Directory of census, birth, death and marriage records on the Internet.

Cinnamon Toast Genealogy Directory - [New Window] - Genealogy directory.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - [New Window] - Massive directory of categorized and cross-referenced genealogy links in over 100 categories.

Family Genealogy Online - [New Window] - Directory of links to genealogy related web sites and search tools.

FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service - [New Window] - Searchable database provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Genealogy Register, The - [New Window] - Search engine and directory of surname home pages. Includes a family history message board.

I Found It! - [New Window] - Genealogy search engine, contains the title and description of genealogy related sites. Add your url for free.

RootsWeb.com - [New Window] - Genealogy directory.

What's New in Genealogy...Today - [New Window] - Guide to genealogy search tools, news, links, reunion tips, adoption tools, surveys, and software reviews.