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Blackle - Energy Saving Search - [New Window] - Blackle saves energy because the screen is predominantly black.

Earthle - [New Window] - An environmentally friendly custom version of the popular search engine Google.

Eco-find - [New Window] - The concept behind Eco-find is that by using the white (in fact a light grey) over the black background, reduces the screen electrict consumption.

EcoBusinessLinks - [New Window] - Environmental directory for online eco shopping, green services and sustainable resources.

Ecocho - [New Window] - Ecocho is a new search engine trying to make a difference for climate change. For every 1000 searches users make on Ecocho we'll counter balance or "offset" a ton of greenhouse gases. We do this by sponsoring two trees via advertising on the site.

EcoEarth - [New Window] - Ecological Internet's family of environmental portals are a special kind of website that try to identify, filter and network all the best information found on a subject through one starting point. Ecological Internet, Inc. is a non-profit organization that daily identifies news articles and web sites which we link too, we then make them cumulatively searchable with a true Internet search engine.

EcoSeek - [New Window] - The search engine for eco friendly and green products. Our mission is to connect and educate ALL consumers with eco-friendly products, manufacturers and local earth-conscious retailers. Search over 10,000 earth friendly products.

EcoWho - [New Window] - This search engine is only indexing Eco and Environmentally focussed web sites. Therefore if you want to quickly find Eco and Environmentally related facts and information, then this eco search engine is ideal.

FriendsGreen - [New Window] - The FriendsGreen Search Engine (friendsgreen.com) is an online activism site that gives Internet users a free and easy way to help fight Global Warming and to save the Rainforests. Merely by getting in the habit of using friendsgreen.com to search the internet, users can donate proceeds from their searches to fund a portfolio of reforestation projects.

Green Gamma - [New Window] - Green Gamma is a search engine and directory for green services, products and information.

Green Guide - [New Window] - Dubbed the "green living source for today's conscious consumer", the Green Guide makes living in an environmentally-aware way personal, practical and positive. Intended for general consumers, Green Guide (in its book, magzine and online formats) shows people how to make small changes that add up to big benefits for their wallets, for their health, and, of course, for the health of the planet. Not political or activist, the Green Guide is chock-full of simple, useful ideas, broken down into achievable steps, that make going green a gradual and affordable process rather than an all-or-nothing plunge.

Green Link Central - [New Window] - Many people want to live a green lifestyle, but simply don't know where to start. Other people don't have time to filter through hundreds of search results to find the specific resources they want. Green Link Central is an easy-to-use, topic-specific search engine that provides targeted search results to make your search quick and easy.

For instance, if you search cars you'll find hybrid and electric cars, if you search clothing you'll find organic cotton and hemp clothing. or if you search building you'll find sustainable building resources.

Green Link Central provides streamlined, high quality search results to make living green more convenient and easy.

Green Linking - [New Window] - International green hub of leading green business.

Green Maven - [New Window] - Green Maven: The Green Search Engine. Search for websites, news, and products related to environmental and social values.

Green Planet Search - [New Window] - Go Green with Green Planet Search! An Environmental Education resource, Environmental Issues, you can find everthing eco friendly to go green and build a green home.

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