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Greenona - [New Window] - Greenona.com is a vertical search engine dedicated to helping you find the latest green resources on the web. Our goal is to provide highly relevant clustered search results to help you access green information faster.

Greenseng - [New Window] - While you use Greenseng, the carbon emissions of your electricity consumption are neutralized by CO2Stats.

GreenSpec Directory - [New Window] - The online GreenSpec Directory lists product descriptions for over 2,000 environmentally preferable products. To choose these products our editors conduct their own research based on GreenSpec's current editorial focus. Thus not all product suggestions we receive are selected for review. This independent research ensures that our product descriptions contain unbiased, quality information. Unlike many other directories, we do not charge for listings or sell ads.

The Eco Key - [New Window] - The Eco Key is the world's first planet cleaning search engine.

thegreensearch.ca - [New Window] - Searching environmental web sites from across Canada. thegreenpages.ca network has created a specialised search engine that searches Canadian environment-related web sites. Rather than searching the entire web, your search yields green results from across Canada and around the world. Use it as a research tool, or keep up to date on the latest news, events, and trends happening in our environment.

Treehoo - [New Window] - Green search engine.

TreeHugger - [New Window] - Find for green news, solutions, and product information.

Truevert - [New Window] - Truevert is focused on green, environmental awareness. All searches are done from the point of view of environmental and social concern. The results are obtained from YAHOO BOSS. They are then organized and clustered by Truevert. If you search for the word "carbon" for example, it knows that you want information about carbon's impact on climate change, not its physical chemistry. What's most surprising, is that the Truevert search engine learned all this in less than one hour on a single server with no ontology, taxonomy, or thesaurus.

Znout - [New Window] - By using Znout, you can make your Internet searches CO2 neutral.

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