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People search resources. Whether you want to locate old friends from high school or college or need to do research on a potential employee, these search tools are what you need. Some charge a fee for their services while others are completely free.

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Biography - [New Window] - Biography.com features a searchable biographical database of 25,000 famous names. Read biographies, play games, watch interviews and video clips at Biography.com. Check out our Born On This Day, Deathiversary, and Black History sections. Visit The Biography Channel for great TV shows like BIOGRAPHY, Notorious, I Survived..., and more.

123people - [New Window] - A free real time people search tool that looks into nearly every corner of the web. Using our proprietary search algorithm, you can find comprehensive and centralized person related information consisting of public records, phone numbers, addresses, images, videos and email addresses. Search facebook and other social networking sites like mySpace, Linkedin, Xing, Wikipedia profiles and much more. All of this rich media profile content is pulled from an extensive list of international as well as regional relevant sources, all to enable you to find people in real time. 123people is also a social activity that applys crowd wisdom. Users can add information to every single search result, giving it more relevance with details that are yet not found in the internet. This takes the quality of people search to the next level.

Alumni.NET - [New Window] - Alumni e-mail registry and bulletin board system for colleges and highschools all over the world.

Batchmates.com - [New Window] - Register free at batchmates. Find classmates, old friends and get reunited with your long lost friends. Also keep updated through batchmates entertainment magazine. Get Batchmates features free - Online Dating tips, famous quotes, free ecards, Indian institution details and many more.

ClassMates.Com - [New Window] - Find a friend or high school alumni from more than 40 million members in over 200,000 affiliations at Classmates.com. High School, Military or College - plan a reunion.

Gradfinder - [New Window] - A service that lets school friends and alumni stay in touch. Grads can add themselves to the registry free and search for friends world wide. GradFinder has over 3 million free members from over 200,000 high schools and colleges in the United States.

MyLife - [New Window] - MyLife offers you access to more than 750 million profiles with advanced search and filtering options, all in one place. We access publicly available information from a variety of places - proprietary sources, social networks, public domain - to create the largest database of online and offline information to help you find anyone from anytime in your life.

If you don't immediately find who you're looking for, MyLife continues searching on your behalf and provides you with updates and alerts as new information becomes available.

MyLife suggests friends and contacts you may know based on your profile information and existing contacts.

A popular reverse-search feature - Who's Searching for You? - lets you know who's looking for you and further increases the chances of reconnecting with anyone.

MyLife gives you a global view into the most popular sites your friends are part of, including LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace as well as 50 other sites.

People Search - [New Window] - People Search is great way to find and reconnect with family, old friends, relatives — just about anyone! People Search reports include phone numbers, address history, ages, birthdates, household members, home value, income and more.

People Searching - [New Window] - PeopleSearching.com is the first comparison site to allow users to compare and review people search and record search sites. People Searching helps users find reviews on people search products, ratings, pricing information, customer comments, and more.

There are hundreds of people searching sites online, each offering users access to some sort of personal information. We have tried to include as many people, record, and background searching sites as we could find and we are adding more all the time.

Whether you are looking for information on a friend, potential employee, or investigating someone new in your life, People Searching can help you find the service that is best for you.

PeopleFind.com - [New Window] - Our tools can help you track down current contact information such as: addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses. Finding people using traditional search engines can be tough. Our people search tools allow you to browse through existing public records for almost anyone in the US, reducing hours of search time to just seconds.

PeopleSearch.com - [New Window] - Search and find people's phone numbers, addresses, and more with PeopleSearch.com – including background checks and missing persons lookups.

PeopleSpot.com - [New Window] - People information portal simplifies the search for biographies, vital records, population statistics, directories, chat rooms, genealogy resources and more.

Pipl - [New Window] - Pipl finds high-quality results in pages that cannot be found on regular search engines. Free People Search.

Reunion.com - [New Window] - In the ever-evolving world of social networking, Reunion.com is the leading website for the grown-up social-network user to reconnect and keep in touch with family, friends, lost loves, and colleagues as life changes. With more than 50 million registered users and membership increasing on average by 1 million per month, Reunion.com offers the fastest and most comprehensive way to rediscover and stay connected with people from your past.

SchoolNews.com - [New Window] - Alumni and classmates directory for High Schools. Find Alumni and current classmates in over 30,000 U.S. and Canadian Schools. Membership lets you contact former classmates, access reunion postings and the alumni message boards.

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