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360 Soccer - [New Window] - Soccer directory.

AardvarkSport.net Sport Search Engine and Directory - [New Window] - This worldwide sports search engine lists more than 20,000 of the very best sports Web sites from around the world, and is packed with information on athletics, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, golf, horse racing, ice hockey, motorsport, rugby, soccer, tennis and more.

ActiveUSA - [New Window] - Database of participatory sports events and secure online registration.

Ahooo Surf - [New Window] - Directory of surfing sites.

Aquaskier - [New Window] - Directory of water sports resources. Provides links, classifieds, Web based email, news, articles and interviews.

Baseball Almanac - [New Window] - Baseball Almanac is filled with awards, records, stats, quotes, feats, facts and a book full of baseball history.

Baseball Links - [New Window] - Directory of baseball related resources, containing over 10,000 unique links.

Baseball-411.com - [New Window] - Online baseball portal with hundreds of links to only the best baseball related sites you can find.

BicycleLink.com - [New Window] - Provides a bicycle yellow pages and classifieds.

Bike Ride Online - [New Window] - Bicycling web directory.

Billy Joe Jim Bob's Rodeo Links Page - [New Window] - Index of rodeo sites.

Complete Bowling Index - [New Window] - Bowling directory.

Cricket Zone - [New Window] - Directory of cricket sites and information.

Cyber Cyclery - [New Window] - Directory of bicycling related information.

e-soccer - [New Window] - Directory and index for football clubs and soccer links in England.

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