On Sunday, I went into AdWords to do a little keyword research. You've seen their keyword tool before. You just go into the campaign, click on the Tools button and you've got the keyword tool right up top. This didn't happen to me Sunday. In fact, I didn't see the Tools button at all. Sitting here confused, it took me quite a few seconds to recognize something I've never seen before, an Opportunities tab.

Here's what I normally see.


Here's what I saw on Sunday.


But what was this? I've never seen it before. After a couple quick searches, it looks like Google announced they were testing this on July 16th but the news didn't seem to spread across the interwebz. I asked a few other people too and they haven't seen it either.

Well, it appears they can measure your results and make recommendations to improve your campaign's performance.


Turns out they send out a couple nice list of keyword recommendations. The first one is a small sample that provides you the number of suggested keywords per ad group, the campaign and the number of estimated searches.


The next one shows you the actual keyword (including the different match types), estimated monthly searches, ad competition and the ad group they suggest for the keyword.


I did use some of their suggestions, although I implemented them last night so it's too early to tell how effective they will or will not be. How about you? Have you seen this feature yet? It's been out a couple of weeks although it sure doesn't seem to be very prevalent.

You know, I never did find out where they now placed the keyword tools tab. Thank goodness for Google Insights.

August 4, 2009

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I haven't really seen this on Google, but if this works well, then this is a good news for everyone.

I will definitely try this on Google.

Hope it works pretty good.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

I still don't see this tab. Maybe only some people are testing it at this point.

I'd avoid it. They think they're being helpful, but they're asking you to dilute your ad groups with more words, which is counterproductive to results. I've yet to meet a suggestion from the "Google Kids" that's real-world tested, and has some of their own money on the line.

We don't do the "blitzkrieg" ad groups anymore, crammed with dozens of keywords, we actually put EACH keyword phrase into its own ad group, and make it earn a living. If it produces, it gets more budget, if not, it gets axed. Works brilliantly - wish I could remember and thank the person I got that tip from.

And to all replies, IT WORKS - much better than anything we've tried before. I'm making money from it, so save me your theories, until you're sending me the long green.

Focus is king.

Thanks all! CCDuarte, It does look like they're testing it for some only. Not sure how they choose who gets what and why.

Paul B. I'm with ya mostly. I think they're trying to get people to bid on more keywords. Good for them I suppose. Now you realize I had to Google "blitzkrieg" to figure out what that means ;) I understand that and wouldn't want to dilute ad groups either. The few I used seemed like decent phrases, and they were actually phrase matched which eased me a bit.

I promise not to throw theories your way. I'm just a guy who finds stuff interesting and blogs about it.

I will definitely try this on Google.

I had seen this tab, but I never actually clicked on it! Leave it to Google for the upsell!

hmm, i will try this one in Google.. Hope it will works!

I noticed it too, I'm sure I'll try it sooner or later

Hey I was suspicious also as I steer clear of the unfamiliar.However I took a chance and it appears to work although Im abit worried now after reading some of the sceptical remarks

From what I experience those keyword ideas (suggestions) doesn't work well. The best thing is using the bunch of related keywords list on your keyword tab while you put the add keyword button. That's the best.

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