We probably all had our iPhone media fill by now. We saw the TV stations covering the long lines for the launch and the endless buzz on whether it’s a revolutionary product or an over-hyped gadget. I'm one of many that bought into the iMarketing and now own one (justified by my way-outdated other cell).

Online social media was on it, too. Technology Evangelist covered the launch with popular lifecaster iJustine at (for one day known as) the iMall of America. One of their more popular views is for a guy named Joe, the first in a 13 hour line to purchase and open his new iPhone.

How much will the iPhone affect mobile and local search? It’s hard to say, but hundreds of thousands have already been sold.

If you have a local site and run an analytics program, you can more than likely track iPhone visitors. If you run Google Analytics, you can check by browser and screen resolution. The browser will be Safari and the resolution will be 320 x 396 pixels.

The iPhone really does justify the hype. It’s an incredible user experience in almost all aspects. With that said, 320 x 396 pixels doesn’t give you a lot. Users will probably want to find information fast. Some initial thoughts…

If you’re a trendy restaurant, your Web site might benefit from a large menu icon at the top of the screen.

On your local Web site, having your phone number visible and in text can automatically allow iPhone users to call you simply by touching that number on the screen. It really is that easy for consumers!

These are just a couple initial thoughts for local sites that are prone for iPhone searches.

Most importantly, initial reviews show that the Google Maps function is a huge success. Listing your business at the Google Local Business Center is essential, as Google Maps seems to be one of the most popular iphone icons. See a recent Google Maps post from Jennifer. Just from applying this may help users find you from their iPhone.
July 7, 2007

Paul Jahn is the owner of Localmn Interactive Marketing, a Minnesota-based Internet marketing company. Localmn focuses on helping local companies large and small leverage the most out of their search marketing campaigns depending on their respective needs, including SEO, PPC, local search, and social media campaigns. Paul also runs and contributes to the Localmn local search blog.

With over ten years of Internet marketing experience, Paul has particular expertise in search marketing, with extensive knowledge of local search.

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