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1989 Toyota Camry Value
The Guide to Buying and Selling Prices

The 1989 Toyota Camry value has held up very well over the years. It's a car that was well made with quality parts and engineering by Toyota, a company that despite recent issues, has a long and well deserved track record. The number of Camry's still on the roads being driven after 21 years is a testament to the sturdiness of the vehicle and how well this car was made.

The bottom line is the value of the Camry has kept strong in comparison to cars from other car manufacturers

Although the recent issues Toyota has faced brings up some concerns, the problems are heavily hyped by the media wanting to sell a good car story. Not to say the issues aren't valid, but they have probably been overblown.

The value of a 1989 Toyota Camry isn't going to be impacted much, if at all, by this because it's obvious the car was manufactured long before any of the current problems have been reported.

Another item in the plus column of a 21 year old Toyota Camry is any recalls will have likely been handled by the owner of the car over the years as they became aware of them. Plus, repairs that fall under this category would have been free to the owner anyway giving them motivation to have the issues taken care of long ago. And, the issues would have been likely handled by a Toyota dealership using Toyota parts and not after market parts.

Here are 10 items to take into consideration when you are determining the value of the 1989 Toyota Camry:

1. Proper maintenance with maintenance records to show upkeep and repairs that have been performed over the years. The Camry's value will be greatly impacted based on whether proof of proper care of the vehicle including regular oil changes, inspections, etc. are provided.

2. A 1989 Toyota Camry obviously isn't going to have the new car shine but the look of the Camry is important. This includes inside and out. Does the Camry have dents? Does it have rips in the seats or cracking of the dashboard? The visual appeal of the car will certainly impact the Camry's value.

3. Where the Camry was driven will also affect the car value. If the Camry was driven in regions that have heavy snow fall, there could be issues regarding rust due to the salt, sand, etc. used on the roads to make them safer to drive on in snow and ice. On the other end, a Toyota Camry that has not been garaged or kept under a carport over the years in states such as Texas where the impact of the sun is strong may have problems with fading or flaking paint. Cosmetic issues and the Camry's value will go hand in hand and can't be ignored, even if they have no impact on the state of the engine, braking and transmission, etc. Expect a smaller value for the Camry if the car looks bad.

4. Another area that will affect the value of the Camry is whether or not all the instrument indicators such as the check engine light, the check oil light, turn signals, etc. are in proper working condition. If not, that could be a sign that the Camry's owner didn't have maintenance issues handled as they arose.

5. Part of a 1989 Camry's value will depend on the smoothness of the ride, handling and breaking, etc.

6. In states that require inspections, an up to date inspection sticker will help show the Camry can at least pass vehicle emission standards and basic safety requirements such as turn signal blinkers, headlights, the horn, the breaks and the list goes on depending on the strictness of each states requirements to pass inspection.

7. The reported blue book value of the Camry is a good starting point. A good looking Camry in good working condition is going to be more likely to hit the blue book value of the car. But, keep in mind that the blue book value is just a starting point because it can only deal in generalities and the price of the Camry can be vastly different depending on the factors we are covering here.

8. The number of owners of the car over the years will also affect the Camry's value. A one owner car coupled with the maintenance records discussed above will go a long way in not only increasing the Toyota Camry's value, it will also make a big difference in getting the attention of prospective buyers. For example, If the Camry has changed ownership 10 times over the years, the value will be less because of concerns that it went from owner to owner due to problems that may have been expensive to fix.

9. The type of owners the Camry has had with each of the purchases. There will be a difference in the value of a Toyota Camry depending on the type of owner. If the purchase by each of the Camry's owners was a personal one, in other words it was purchased by a typical car owner using it for typical day to day use, you'll see one range of values.

If the Camry has been purchased by commercial owners, you are going to see a value that changes from that of a personal owner. A1989 Toyota Camry purchased by a commercial owner means the car was likely used in a fleet of cars owned by a business. For example, the Camry may have been used by a single sales person or it may be one that had different drivers from day to day.

The same sales person driving the car day after day will probably have been handled better than if the driver changed each day. A sales person is going to want to keep the car they are using looking nice on the inside and outside for the times they need to take out clients or just to show up in the parking lot of a company they are trying to sell their products or services.

Also, a Camry used by a single sales person will probably have primarily highway miles put on it. This is good because it means the car wasn't constantly in start and stop traffic which adds to the wear and tear of the car because the brakes will have be used more often, the transmission will have had more of a strain put on it, and you can go on down the list of items that would be affected.

10. Has the car been in any accidents. Obviously, a 1989 Toyota Camry's value will be much stronger if there have been no accidents. Even seemingly small impacts can result in more serious issues such as a bent frame.

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