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Whether you are looking to buy or sell or just want the latest news and articles on almost any make and model of car or truck or motorcycle, Kelly Blue Book is the place to turn.

Kelly's price list has been providing information to the automotive industry since the 1920s. Serving car dealers, insurance companies and loan providers as the go to source for accurate information on values has been their hallmark. The general consumer market was then provided access to this same valuable information starting in 1993. This is when the Blue Book was first produced for consumers who then could have access to the same information as the dealers they'd be buying from or selling to. Not to mention the value it provided private buyers and sellers dealing directly with each other.

It's no wonder the Blue Book has become a best seller over the decades of service they've provided.

The Kelley Blue Book site came online in 1995 and has grown in popularity to the point that nearly a third of all new or used car buyers in the United States utilize it in making good decisions regarding the sale or purchase of their vehicles. In fact, in a study by J.D. Power and Associates' AutoShopper.com, the Kelly site was pronounced the number one automotive site serving car buyers.

What's great about Kelly Blue Book is the fact that the vehicle information you will find is not limited to just cars and trucks. They even serve the powersport market. Naturally they provide information on motorcycles but you can also turn to Kelly for information on recreational vehicles such as all the popular makes of snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles (ATVs), mopeds, scooters, and personal watercraft such as Sea-Doo, Jet Ski WaveRunner and others.

These vehicles can be found by visiting the following areas of the Kelly site:

The quality and accuracy of Kelley Blue Book information is unmatched and the depth and variety of information is phenomenal. When you visit the site, you can search by category of vehicle or by specific make and model. As you make your way through the site you will find photos, in-depth reviews, and information on incentives and rebates from manufacturers on your favorite cars, trucks, etc. Kelly Blue Book even provides videos to help you get a feel for what the perfect vehicle for you will be.

Not only that, but Kelly also provides loan calculators, shopping tools and lets you see a list of the most researched vehicles on their site. Want to search according to what you have to spend? Not a problem, you can search by not only price range but also category, miles per gallon and features.

The free dealer price quotes you can get are very handy for getting the best deal and they allow you more leverage when dealing with individual dealers. There's nothing like a lower quote from a competitor to get a car dealer to bring their price down.

The site has so much information that you may think you will hit information overload. Fortunately, Kelley Blue Book has designed their site to be easy to navigate. Just start at the navigation bar at the top of the page where you'll see the primary topics:

New Cars
In this category you'll find new car prices and be able to get free dealer price quotes. You can locate a dealer that is near you and see new car inventory. You can compare vehicles, use the Kelly Blue Book "perfect car finder" and they provide their list of the most researched vehicles for you to review.

Used Cars
Here you'll find the used car values, you can search for used cars for sale and easily get a Carfax vehicle history report. As with the new cars category you can also compare vehicles, use the perfect car finder and see the most researched vehicles.

Certified Pre-Owned
Here you'll find the manufacturer certified programs where you can research certified pre-owned values, find certified cars for sale and compare the various certified pre-owned programs. They even provide advice on certified vehicle purchases.

You'll love this section because you will see the Kelley Blue Book video library (so cool!), their amazing photo library, the perfect car finder, and vehicle comparisions. You will also have access to their list of the most researched vehicles and articles. Don't miss the advice area which includes topics such as ten steps to buying a new car, ten steps to buying a used car, 10 steps to selling your car and even information on whether now is a good time to buy your target vehicle type.

Reviews and News
Review the best car awards and the accolades (if any) your favorite model has received. Locate auto shows in your area or, for the car junkies, find auto shows in road trip range. You'll find quick access to the latest news and, of course, more articles and advice.

Dealers and Inventory
Find a dealer in your area and search new car inventory and find used cars for sale. You'll also find free dealer price quotes.

Cars For Sale
You don't even have to leave the Kelley site to find the perfect car with their extensive classifieds section. They make it easy to search by make, model, location (zip code) and how large an area in miles you want to search. You can refine your classifieds search by selecting the price range you can afford, the minimum and maximum mileage of vehicles you want to see, the trim, body style and even color. You can also include the fuel type (gasoline, flex fuel), the engine type (4 cyl, 6 cyl, etc.), and the features you need included.

Loans & Insurance
Getting your credit score is where you'll want to start if you plan to get a loan to purchase your car or truck. Kelley makes this easy when you click the "get your credit score now" link. Next, check out Kelley Blue Book's financing calculators which will help you see what you can expect for loan rates and what your monthly payments will be. Kelley also makes it easy to get extended warranty quotes, insurance quotes and Carfax vehicle history reports.

The bottom line is Kelley Blue Book is a must visit site for anyone planning to buy or sell a new or used car, truck, motorcycle, etc. Everything you need to become an informed buyer or seller is provided and they'll help you with information that you can use to get the best deal.

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