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Travel Trailer Manufacturers

Coachmen Travel Trailers
Coachmen has grown to become one of the largest full-line manufacturers of RVs in the world.

Our main headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located in Middlebury, Indiana. We also have manufacturing facilities in Fitzgerald, Georgia. In all, we occupy nearly 700,000 square feet of manufacturing space on nearly 120 acres.

You will find proof of our dedication in our innovative and user-friendly products and our wide range of customer benefits and services. We are driven by a deep concern for your safety, comfort, pride of ownership and pleasure - in short, your Ultimate Satisfaction.

Airstream Travel Trailers
When you tow an Airstream, you feel a sense of pride of ownership that you just don't experience when you're towing a typical box trailer. Other Airstreamers flash their lights, you draw smiles from travelers, and you will find it hard to stop at a rest area or gas station without getting drawn into a conversation with a stranger about your Airstream.

An Airstream's low center of gravity and independent torsion axle give you incredible control and Airstream travel trailer aerodynamics give you approximately 20% better fuel economy than towing a conventional box trailer.

Airstreams hold their value: resale prices are much higher than comparable trailers, sometimes as high as the original purchase price or more, so your Airstream is a good investment. Airstreams can easily last 40 years and more, rather than the conventional trailer's typical life of 15 years. When you amortize the purchase price over its length of service, an Airstream actually costs less to own than other trailers. Over 70% of all Airstreams ever made are still on the road today!

Scamp Travel Trailers
Scamps have been designed to be towed by small cars, suvs, mini vans, and trucks. The aerodynamic design assures high fuel efficiency and most people can tow the Scamp with a vehicle they already own.

Scamps are easy to maneuver and their compact size makes getting into camping spots and storage spots much easier. Plus, it's easy to set up because there are no tent poles or exhaustive leveling systems and the appliances are easy to use.

Scamp is a hard shell fiberglass trailer that can be used in all those areas where tents or tent trailers should not be used because of bear or other wildlife problems.

Scamp is one of the most dependable trailers on the market. Scamp trailers originally built in the early 1970's are still being used today. Our parts department can supply what you need to maintain your Scamp in perfect condition. This results in strong demand for used Scamps which retain their resale value, especially because are so durable.

You decide what your camping and traveling needs are, then choose which options you want. There are many optional items to choose from including appliances, layouts, extra lights.

TrailManor Travel Trailers
TrailManor has the highest resale value of any travel trailer its size, according to the NADA RV Appraisal Guide. This is due to a number of factors, including our strong, durable construction, innovative engineering, and quality materials.

The TrailManor body is constructed from vacuum-bonded sandwich panels using aluminum on both sides. The aluminum is bonded to a polystyrene adhesive, which is much stronger than more commonly used neoprene contact cement. This panel construction is more rigid than conventional "stick" construction, so heavy internal framing isn't necessary. In addition to saving a considerable amount of weight, this panel design provides much better insulation than internally framed structures, where most heat loss occurs around and through the framing.

The floor of a TrailManor uses the same rigid, double skin sandwich panel construction, except the foam core is 3" thick with plywood under the top aluminum skin to absorb surface impact loads. Our 3" floor is much stronger and better insulated than particleboard or plywood floors used in other trailers, and it feels great on cold mornings.

Our lightweight design doesn't compromise quality. Our laminated countertops are much lighter than particleboard, and they don't swell with moisture. This cuts extra pounds of unnecessary weight without sacrificing strength.

Dutchmen Travel Trailers
Aerodynamic and easy to tow, the Dutchmen Lite product line features non-slide and small slide floor plans ranging for 18' to 31'. Base weights start at 4,200 pounds and the entire line is 1/2 ton truck towable.

Unlike the competition's stripped down models, Dutchmen Lite is loaded with all the standard features and equipment you will find in the rest of the Dutchmen product line.

With many great floor plans available in a variety of sizes to meet your family's needs, Dutchmen Lite is your best choice for affordable, lightweight and easy to tow travel trailers.

Dutchmen large slide travel trailers are your best choice for features, value and luxury. Built with pride and Dutch craftmanship, Dutchmen travel trailers are loaded with features and amenities that make your time on the road as enjoyable as your time at home. All Dutchmen large slide travel trailers feature large, flush floor slide rooms and are available in floor plans ranging from 24' to 38' feet.

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Travel Trailer Blue Book Guide

Whether the economy is good or bad, the cost of a vacation is always a consideration. Although travel trailer ownership may seem expensive, there is a study from PKF Consulting that shows RV vacations are the least expensive type of vacation. Even factoring in RV ownership and fuel costs, the study reveals that RV vacations are more economical than those taken by personal car, commercial airline or cruise ship.

So it's no wonder travel trailers enjoy such popularity.

Whether you are buying or selling your travel trailer this is good news. The popularity of travel trailers means they can fetch good prices for sellers. For buyers, the popularity results in a large number of options, resources and information to aid in the purchase.

To get the best deal you need to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the market by studying travel trailer blue book values, sales and pricing trends and industry information. Values can vary significantly from region to region so be sure and study resources beyond blue book.

This is essential for buyers and sellers.

Start your research at the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association. RVIA is the national trade association representing recreation vehicle manufacturers and their component parts suppliers.

In addition to being a clearinghouse of industry facts and information, RVIA also provides free materials to consumers. You can visit their site here. Take a look at the business indicators archive for sales stats.

Next, look up blue book values for the travel trailer by year, manufacturer and model:

NADA Used RV Travel Trailers - Provides recreation vehicle travel trailers consumer pricing from 1975 to 2009.

Kelley Travel Trailers Blue Book - Although not currently available on their site, Kelley does provide price guides that are available by annual subscription or single copy through their Customer Service Department at 1-800-BLUE-BOOK. A subscription isn't really necessary as the publications can often be found at libraries or credit unions.

As mentioned earlier, blue book values are a good macro look at pricing but in real time there can be large variations from region to region. Because of this, you'll want to hit the sites that list travel trailers for sale from across the country. Typically these are classified sites. This is where pricing rubber meets the road, so to speak. You'll be able to monitor these resources for great deals if you are a buyer. If you are a seller, closely watch the ads to see what combination of wording, pictures and details get the fastest sales and best prices.

My RV Link Travel Trailer Search
You can see what's available by browsing by state or manufacturer at this site.

RV Trader New And Used Travel Trailer RVs
This is a fantastic resource simply because of the number of listings they have. The site is easy to navigate to get sales listings from your area.

RV Online
You can easily browse listings by price, size or location.

Motor Homes On Sale
Good use of photos along with standard information.

RV Classifieds
Very nice classifieds site with many listings.
Browsing by manufacturer is focus of this site.

Wheel by Net
Strange name for the site but has a load of trailers listed. Good resource.

Camping World
Search by year, manufacturer, price, location, model and stock number.
Check out the "Motivated to Sell" list if you are a buyer. It's a daily update of sellers who need to make a sale right away.

RV Registry Travel Trailers
Includes detailed information and pictures.

Craig's List
You can find anything and everthing for sale on Craig's List, including travel trailers. This is a fantastic way to monitor pricing in your area. Travel Trailers for Sale
Features of include new and used inventory and areas for private owners to sell trailers, obtain financing and insurance and purchase trailers.

Detailed search options will help you match pricing to what you seek or offer.
After a sale is completed, listings remain on the site for a while with a "SOLD" notation. This is good for compiling price trends information. And it makes it easier to see what type of ad copy and photos were used for completed sales.

Used RVs for
Lists used travel trailers for sale from light weight trailers to those with slides to luxury trailers.

eBay Travel Trailers for Sale
In addition to a zillion listings ebay provides the option to view completed sales. That is very helpful.