Did you know that LasVegas.com is the most expensive domain name of all time? How much? Check out below a new infographic from Website Builder AU that has a wealth of information packed into various categories about domain names, including ...

  • Fascinating Facts
  • The Anatomy
  • Timeline (1983-2017)
  • What are TLDs
  • Domain Life Cycle
  • 1980s Timeline
  • Growth Chart
  • Keyword Trends - .com & .net
  • Top Domain Registrars
  • Top Registrars by Country
  • CCTLDS for Commercial Use
  • Big Brands Small Names
  • The Ten Most Expensive Domain Names
  • Domain Name Influence on SEO
The idea of the online addressing system was invented back in 1985. 32 years ago, a computer systems company from Cambridge was the first ever to register a domain. Ever since, the domain name has been a crucial part in the website's branding and SEO. Choosing the right domain name can get some additional benefits for your business and make your website more appealing to new visitors. Currently, there are more than 330.6 million registered domain names and the number is increasing exponentially. See more at ...


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Nice guide to choose a perfect domain for your business website.

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