The 7 Biggest Time Losses in SEO (and How to Fix Them)

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Search engine optimization is popular for its cost and time effectiveness; because all the assets you create and changes you make are semi-permanent, and because your domain and page-level authority will grow consistently over time, there's no upper bound to the results you can see


How to future-proof your SEO for 2018

by Search Engine Watch

We're (frighteningly!) almost to the end of the year, and with just a couple of weeks left in December, it's time to start preparing for what SEO might look like in 2018.

7 Hard Truths About SEO in 2018

by WordStream

Are you aiming to make a seismic impact on your organic visibility in 2018? Google and the wider industry have dropped many hints as to what will have the biggest impact in 2018. With all the noise, it can be difficult to see where to put your focus. With that in mind, here's our take on the seven most important truths you need to accept along with the biggest SEO mistakes you need to avoid in the coming year.


How to Use SEO to Market a Property

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These are some of the most important benefits of SEO for property marketing...

Are There Any Search Optimization Strategies That Are Illegal?

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In SEO, if you use a strategy that violates Google's terms of service, or if you make a move that harms the average user's experience, you could see a decline in your rankings or even face a strict "penalty" that harms your chances of ranking in the future...


101 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About Domain Names

by Website Builder AU

Did you know that the idea of the online addressing system was invented back in 1985? 32 years ago, a computer systems company from Cambridge was the first ever to register a domain. Ever since, the domain name has been a crucial part in the website's branding and SEO. Choosing the right domain name can get some additional benefits for your business and make your website more appealing to new visitors. Currently, there are more than 330.6 million registered domain names and the number is increasing exponentially. 

The Evolution of SEO

by Wordtracker

SEO is a fast-moving business; algorithms, trends and best practices change at such a rate that it's easy to forget that the industry is still a relatively new one. Google launched less than 20 years ago, and since then search engines and SEO have evolved at an incredible rate.


According to Search Engine Journal the top 3 PPC Trends to watch are

1) Google will try to invade more of our territory

2) Audiences slightly more important in Search

3) Google Shopping


Google revamps its SEO Starter Guide

This is the first update of the SEO starter guide in several years.

How to generate links that drive traffic, not just ranking

Links are a crucial element of search engine optimization, and columnist Kevin Rowe believes that long-term SEO success relies on building links that drive real traffic.

5 local search tactics your competitors probably aren't using

When you and your competitors are all adhering to local SEO best practices, how can you differentiate your business from the rest? Columnist Sherry Bonelli has some ideas.

The importance of targeting branded searches

Though many search marketers focus primarily on non-branded searches, columnist Thomas Stern believes it's crucial to invest in a branded search strategy..

Insights from 130 agencies -- State of Email Marketing

85% of marketing agencies say email marketing performance is increasing.

How to calculate your marketing budget

Figuring out the value and the cost of marketing efforts is elusive - and it often gets put on the back burner as a result.

My 12 most important SEO metrics to monitor

How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns? Columnist John Lincoln shares the key metrics he tracks.

Links: To speed or not to speed

Want to build links faster? Julie Joyce discusses which tasks can be sped up and which can't.

Google Search Console beta adds 12+ months of data to performance reports

After a few years of promises, Google is finally providing longer-term data in Google Search Console -- well, the beta version of Search Console.

Visualizing your site structure in advance of a major change

Making big changes to your website structure? Columnist Dave Davies shares a data visualization method that can help you predict what effect...

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