8 Ways Paid to Click Ads Can Grow Your Pest Control Business

Create Paid to Click Ads to Generate Passive Revenue


It's always a smart idea to bring in any extra revenue you can for your business. We look at paid to click ads that will bring in passive income.

Are you looking for better search results, and don't quite know how to coax them out?

If you've even glanced in the direction of digital marketing in recent years, you'll have heard of paid per click (PPC) advertising. If you listened when you heard, you'd know how this is considered one of the greatest marketing styles anywhere.

Join us as we take a closer look at the marketing miracle of paid to click ads, and how you can start benefiting from them.

PPC Is a Direct Line To Your Business Goals

In any business, it can be hard to get from where you are to where you'd like to be.

One of the biggest reasons most businesses decide to turn to PPC advertising is that it allows them to identify and pursue specific goals.

Looking for brand exposure on a deeper, more meaningful level than what you currently have? Perhaps you've been trying to boos your e-commerce, or drive conversions of a more general nature.

Whatever the case, PPC marketing can give your pest control business an edge you never even thought possible before.

Better Measurability

PPC is a fine-tuned machine, with a lot of moving parts.

While it can seem intimidating, the truth is, it gives you more control (which we will get to in a minute) and better opportunities to gather data.

There is a wealth of marketing data to be gathered from a robust PPC marketing campaign. View high-level performance statistics on how many clicks you receive, how many of those convert, and where that traffic is coming from.

Advertising campaigns can run into money, especially when you're trying to achieve results fast. With what you're investing in PPC, the fact that nearly every inch of it is trackable can be of great value.

Little-To-No Learning Curve

As we've mentioned, digital marketing can be a tricky field to get into.

If you're not up to date with the latest developments in advertising and digital platforms, a lot of the time you can feel like you're lost at sea.

That said, you'll be surprised to find that PPC requires little to no introduction in order to get started. With a few clicks around Google AdWords, it's possible to create the kind of advertising in minutes that SEO takes hours or days to create.

Add to this the wonderful fact that PPC advertising is self-contained. SEO is great, but requires fixing websites, editing copywriting, and making changes across various areas, to get results.

PPC advertising is done almost entirely from the same console. You could do it all yourself, without even having to get your development team involved.

Complete Control (Particularly Over Your Budget)

Marketing a venture that can run into money, especially if you lose track of how many different avenues you're working with at any given time.

PPC, by its very nature, is a marketing tactic you can control precisely, down to the last byte. You simply set your budget, assign a cost per click ratio to your keywords, and let the ad run until it reaches your target rate.

From there, it's as simple as running out of water from a jug that only carries so much. When your assigned budget runs out, the ad is done running.

This kind of control extends to other aspects of PPC marketing, as well. Users choose which keywords they'll use, and can edit their ads as necessary.

And, while the AdWords platform has final say on exactly where your ad is featured, based on your input, the ability to change it makes all the difference.

Complements Other Marketing Campaigns

While PPC is a powerful enough style of digital marketing that it could exist on its own, it also works well alongside other marketing channels.

Working with SEO, paid to click ads can use their impressions and SEO's opportunities for traffic to target the same audience. It does this by using performance data to guide SEO in a more effective direction, based on what does and does not work.

SEO strategies can also inform PPC usage. Using search data from these campaigns, it is easy to identify and target keywords for paid campaigns, optimizing the process.

Go-Forth Pest Control, near Cary NC, by way of an example, would be able to use PPC to promote their pest control services, fairly easily. This would work hand in hand with their SEO marketing, creating an effective overall campaign to help promote them.

Target Far More Effectively

As a caution, advertisers will sometimes spread their AdWords campaigns across many networks. They do this in order to garner exposure for their brand, safely.

Paid to click ads stand to benefit a lot from targeted keywords, and you can really hone in on the best ones by testing out different combinations. Ensure a broad scope of AdWords usage while getting as many impressions as possible.

Getting the best out of your PPC targeting setup means being able to reach people outside of your audience, by casting as wide a net as possible.

Maneuvering Your Outreach

Google has gone a long way to expand its reach beyond just its own search results in recent years.

Gathering a network of other websites to display sponsored ads, it's not unusual to see results on sites like the New York Times. These ads are displayed in strategic locations around the site, giving advertisers with a great way to reach out to potential clients.

Getting Results Faster

In business marketing, it's important to get results back as quickly as you can.

And, in digital marketing, there's no quicker turnaround than PPC marketing. Provided you have a website up and running, simply create an AdWords account, set up your ads, and get to work.

This might be understating how complicated this really is to do, but it's still a long way off from any other form of marketing, in terms of getting results.

Unlock Better Marketing With Paid to Click Ads

PPC marketing is as powerful a marketing tool for use on a pest control website as anywhere else.

With some attention to detail, a few choice adjustments, and integrated usage, paid per click can earn your site traffic you've only dreamed of.

Interested in learning more about PPC marketing, and using AdWords to impact the way your site operates? Read our blog pieces on the topic and unlock the power of truly effective digital marketing.